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COVID Propaganda: "The Eerily Calibrated Misinformation that keeps most People at the Desired Level of Uncertainty"



The Catholic Monitor is always honored to have the one and only great St. Corbinian's Bear visit its comment section. This time he spoke of the "eerily calibrated misinformation" of the COVID propaganda promoted by the media and certain Francis Catholic leaders: 


The Bear said…
I think you have this overloaded barge bracketed with 16" shells. I'm involved in things that don't let me blog as much as I should, but I will say this here after thinking a lot about this and making as much sense out of the eerily calibrated misinformation that keeps most people at the desired level of uncertainty. Setting aside conspiracy theories (I think there have been mistakes, hype and opportunism) I have concluded this country will not only never be the same, but I don't think it is even a country anymore. Sure, all the appearances are there, but I don't recognize it. I'm very happy to be a Country Bear. Just as, sure all the appearances of the Catholic Church are there, but I don't recognize it, either. It, too, seems eerily calibrated to keep everyone at the desired state of confusion and discontent. I wish they would just come out and say it: "We were wrong all along about everything, so now we're going to tell you the truth that there's nothing all that special about the Church. Nothing will ever be the same again. Further affiant saith not. 
Aqua and  St. Benedict's Thistle followed up The Bears insights with equally interesting perceptions:

Aqua said…
First, a hearty concur on what Bear said above. Startling. 'Nuff said. Wow.

What our nation needs, what our world needs ... what all these lost angry,, fearful souls need right now is Jesus Christ and the Gospel that delivers souls from death into eternal life both now and hereafter.

At the moment of our greatest need the Church has gone dark. And even if a Church happens to be open, Christ is not there. Social Justice is there. Christ is not there. Masks and the long bony death hand of government control is there, but freedom and peace and the loving bloody hand of our Savior is not there.

We - individually and as a Church need to repent. If our Church, our Bishops and Priests does not then we still must individually repent and bring the light of Christ to this lost and fearful world of anger, rage, sin and death. Look to Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother who longs to intercede for us. We must not fear government and their power; we must not fear anything in this world even as small as a little virus. Christ is Lord of all - including little man made Wuhan Corona god. Fear not! For God is with us!

The state of the nation and Church aside, I believe Skojec has all along been a type of honey pot for traditionalist Catholics.

Not only his background in marketing, but his carefully calibrated stance on all subjects pertaining to Francis are tells.

Don't get me started on how he manages those who write for him. The desire to be published on a large platform is enticing to talented but naive and largely unknown writers.

I cannot forget how he subtly controlled one of his writers by a phone call and then public explanation when the poor man briefly went off the Francis reservation.

Snakes abound because good men are afraid to stand for Truth. Thanks for keeping the heat on one of the snakes.

They were commenting on this post:

Is 1P5 Skojec "Complicit" in "the Largest Crime against Humanity ever Executed"?
"Trad Inc." leader One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec is on a campaign for the COVID hysteria tyranny.

It appears that Skojec supports the worldwide Francis totalitarian lockdowns and tyranny.

Moreover, Crisis magazine editor Michael Warren Davis, who apparently is in love with the Francis Pachamama Querida Amazonia exhortation, praised Skojec for also defending his beloved Francis:

"Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive (no Francis groupie) recently pointed out, much of the right-wing media earns its daily bread by relentlessly trashing the Vicar of Christ."
(Crisis, "The Pope is still Catholic," February 13, 2020)

Catholic pundit  says that "Trad Inc." Francis Catholics such as Skojec are "complicit" in the worldwide totalitarian lockdown which is "the largest crime against humanity ever executed":

"I don’t think there is a sufficient appreciation of the extreme damage done by all of the people who went on social media and stoked the obviously fake CoronaCold scam.  Formerly trafficked, but now quickly fading Trad Inc. partisans were some of the worst, declaring at one point that TWO BILLION people were going to die of CoronaCold, and that anyone who so much as expressed a desire to go to Mass or even visit Our Lord in the Tabernacle was a 'narcissistic psychopath murderer who would sacrifice the elderly on the altar of your own piety.'”

"The fear porn, the panic mongering, the gleeful participation in the largest crime against humanity ever executed – a pure Masonic operation that wasn’t even hidden, the shrieking Karen-ism, all done by people who openly confess their hatred of the Rosary, and rarely and begrudgingly attended Mass even before the global interdict that they ACTIVELY INCITED... "

"... These people who were complicit in this, these “virus whisperers”, CANNOT be permitted to simply shrug this off and pretend that they DINDU NUFFIN, because a goodly number of the deaths from this New World Order operation, both now and in the future from things like cancers that will go undiagnosed and heart bypass operations that were left undone, are partially on them.

Here is some background to Skojec's "complic[ity]" to the Francis COVID hysteria tyranny:

As more Catholics are starting to realize that the coronavirus hysteria is as Catholic lawyer and journalist Chris Ferrera said a "monumental fraud," it appears that Skojec wished to continue the fraud by hitching his wagon and crumbing credibility to pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage.
(Michael, "Savage: No Easy Choice in Abortion Debate" & Mere Orthodoxy, "A lesson in Discernment: Michael Savage and Mandated Birth Control," October 9, 2010)

On April 17, in his "Coronavirus Update" One Peter Five podcast he linked to the leftist New York Times (at the Chicago Tribune website) and an article by the pro-abortion newspaper that lionized the so-called conservative radio host.

In the Skojec link, the leftist newspaper admiringly wrote that the fake conservative Savage whom it claimed was a "conservative media star" despicably called the real conservative pro-life Rush Limbaugh as well as others pro-life conservatives "intellectual dwarfs" and even "mock[ed]" him as "Rush Limbaugh,M.D., Ph.D."
(, The New York Times, "Why Michael Savage is blasting Sean Hannity and the ring-wing media on the coronavirus," by Jeremy Peters, April 16, 2020)

The article reported that his wife Janet Weiner (Savage's real last name is Weiner) in an interview shamefully also attacked Limbaugh and other conservatives saying they have the "culty hero worship of the uneducated" and "I don't want to identify with the conservative movement anymore."

It appears that the pro-abortion eugenicist  Savage and his wife like Hillary Clinton are calling the millions of listeners of Rush and other pro-life conservatives the "deplorables."

The New York Times piece portrayed the pro-abortion Savage as being another Albert Einstein because he has a Ph.D. in "nutritional ethnomedicine" from leftist Berkeley University.

The new Einstein Savage was apparently the first "media star" to start the harebrained conspiracy theory that "65 million" were going to die due to the coronavirus.

On January 24, he started the panic hysteria by claiming that "65 million [will be] wiped out" by the new virus in a Savage Nation podcast.
(The Savage Nation Podcast, "Deadly coronavirus outbreak quickly spreading," January 24, 2020, 10:45)

On January 24, in The Alex Jones Show, space alien believer Mike Adams told Jones that Bill Gates' model show "65 million deaths will occur globally from a very similar strain of the coronavirus."
(The Alex Jones Show, "Learn the Secrets of the Coronavirus Outbreak Who's Behind it," January 24, 2020 1:20:57-1:21:02)

It seems the three Einsteins: Savage, Adams and Jones were all reading from the same conspiracy theory script.

On February 9, Skojec was one of the first Catholic "media stars" to promote the panic hysteria by posting a link in Twitter to a coronavirus scare video of Alex Jones' InfoWars protege Paul Joseph Watson.

Is it possible that the panic promotion could have been a coordinated and synchronized media effort begun by the apparent controlled opposition "conservatives": Savage, Adams, Jones and Skojec?

Is it a coincidence that Savage and Adams on Jones' show stated on the exact same day that "65 million" could die from the coronavirus?

Is it also a coincidence that Skojec only two weeks after Savage, Adams and Jones began the promotion of the virus hysteria started promoting Jones' InfoWars protege's virus scare video?

Moreover, is it a coincidence that Skojec is still today promoting the COVID hysteria and promoted pro-abortion eugenicist Savage who together with Adams and Jones let loose the first virus panic trial balloons which soon became the hysteria that led to the unconstitutional totalitarian lockdowns and banning of the Mass?

Recently, the four appear to be backtracking while still not disclaiming their harebrained conspiracy theory that "65 million" people will die from the supposed new Black Plague Coronavirus.

Skojec has never personally promoted that "65 million" will die from the virus, but he obviously is in league with the three in propagandizing that the COVID is supposedly a new Black Plague.

All the above could be coincidental or is it conceivable that Savage who is being lionized by the leftist New York Times as a Einstein with the other three are part of a possible controlled opposition.

Remember that Vladimir Lenin said:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
(Urban Dictionary, "Controlled Opposition")
Ana Milan said…
Could it be that Skojec lost the plot when his income from initially supportive Orthodox Catholics hit the floor? Despite having another source of income to provide for his large family it appeared that he wanted the reader to do that for him. He got nasty when they refused. Satan is always waiting for his chance to jump in & turn around the narrative. I still hope for a reassessment from Steve who has lost the trust of his readers & benefactors just as his new mate, the un-canonically elected Destroyer in St. Francis of Assisi's warning, is being revealed for what he is.
The Bear said…
I can attest that he has has a poor editorial opinion of Bears.

The larger issue, however is why none of the Ann Barnhardt articles from your link contain profanity. Is this just another of the Bear’s confabulations, or has there been a change? Like his memory of Smokey getting drunk that one Christmas party and torching the tree?

Sometimes a Bear’s shock and awe instinct leads to potential misunderstandings. He does not suggest that there is no Catholic Church really, but that, like this country, which does exist in some fashion, it has so changed that it is hard to find the golden thread of continuity. My current article at (I think this shameless self-promotion is “invited comment”) is provocatively titled, “Kill All the Bloggers, Especially the Catholic Ones” (inspired by the Shakespeare line all lawyers hear at least once a week). Blogging is very dangerous business, but so is keeping quiet if your house is on fire with your children asleep. The old Bear is not in good shape these days, and has taken to contemplating the balance of criticizing the clerics who have done so much damage, and refocusing on the Last Things.

The Church’s response to COVID is no different from the government’s. Were the science not hopelessly muddled by now, we might concede a lot to Prudence, which is, after all, a Cardinal Virtue. However, at this late date, the politicization and control agenda reminds me more of Climate Change (Improved). Substitute a stock photo of a refrigerated trailer for a polar bear pitifully clinging to a bit of ice, and change a few words and charts, and they’re the same story for, apparently, the same reasons. The question is: do we have a religion of eternal life, or denial of death?
Aqua said…
They made Bear angry. Bear not like the look of his once quiet, orderly forest since forced by all the noise, smoke and pollution from his warm honey-filled hole.

Big mistake.

Thanks. That was vintage hilarious Bear with the wisdom mixed in. I'm still laughing.
10:53 AM 


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