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Murder Threat by Priest Who may be Pro-Abortion and Pro-Gay Marriage

Nothing new here. Just a friend of Jesse Jackson who may be pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage threatens to kill a gun store owner and lawmakers. The guy is a priest who "shouted to an unruly Operation PUSH crowd that they should drag the owner of the legally constituted gun shop out of his store 'like a rat' and then 'snuff' him as well as 'snuffing' lawmakers who vote against gun control. By the way the local newspaper refused to report the murder threat. I quess if one is for a pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage candidate, newspapers don't consider 'snuffing'as a death threat. Why Is Fr. Pfleger Backing Obama? A story in Monday's Chicago Tribune says Fr. Michael Pfleger, who has been pastor of St. Sabina Church on the South Side for 25 years, will remain at the helm there. The last time he was told that he was being reassigned, he insisted that he stay, and stay he did. Indefinitely. The Tribune story also says that Fr. Pfleger is backing

"Someone didn't like the last post I did...So I thought I'd..."

Someone didn't like the last post I did. (I finally got a computer expert to get my computer going again.) So I thought I'd post part of the article and the whole of the Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger THEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY to the third part of the Secret of Fatima. Fred We need to remember another time when prayer and sacrifice were needed to stop a great evil. The time of Russian Communism. Pope Benedict had much to say while still a cardinal about how prayer saved Pope John Paul II and the world from the evil regime of Marxism. He said that God through the Mother of Jesus saved John Paul from the 13 May 1981 assassins’ bullet and countries from “annihilation’ and the Church from “persecution.” Pope Benedict said “[I]n the end prayer is more powerful than bullets and faith more powerful than armies,” Pope Benedict said: "I would like finally to mention another key expression of the 'secret' which has become justly famous: 'my Immaculate Heart will triumph'. Wh