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Is Pope Francis's Top Adviser Maradiaga in the Gay Mafia?

Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, called the Vice-Pope by many, is the head of Pope Francis's nine Cardinal inner circle to reform the Vatican. According to journalist Christine Niles: "Maradiaga was also longtime head of Caritas International...which happens to be a member of the governing body of the World Social Forum - a Communist, pro-homosexual group." (, August 14, 2017) The Vice-Pope in September 2015 was head of a conference whose main purpose was to promote "the abstruse positions of Cardinal Walter Kasper." (, August 10, 2015, "Close papal adviser heads conference attacking Church's moral teachings") For those like Maradiaga who are Kasperites, it appears that the ultimate purpose of the Kasper Proposal is to impose the gay mafia agenda on Catholic moral teachings. Fr. Zuhlsdord at his website on April 16, 2016 posted: The " Trojan Horse Archbishop Bruno Forte stealthily snuck into the Synod

Pope Francis Remains Silent on "Without any Doubt" Rigged Election in Venezuela while Issuing Mild statement on Rigged elected Assembly

-Updated August 4, 2017- Pope Francis remained silent as many world leaders issued condemnations of the rigged Venezuelan election. Today, liberal reported the Pope through a Vatican statement mildly urged the dictator Nicolas Maduro "to consider the 'avoidance or suspension of... new constitution assembly.'" There was no mention that the assembly was voted in by a rigged election. Among world leaders, why are only Pope Francis, the Cuban dictatorship and a couple of leftist regimes remaining silent about the Venezuelan rigged election? Even liberal CBS's headline reported: "Voting machine firm: Venezuela vote rigged 'without any doubt.'" (, August 2, 2017) The BBC image of a Venezuelan protestor in a tear gas mask facing Maduro's goons with a sling shot should bring even the hard hearted leftist supporters of the dictatorship to tears or shame. (, August 2, 2017) Especially when remembering that Di

Venezuelan Dictator's Violence & Pope Francis's Silence vs. Venezuelan People's Protest for Freedom

Nicolas Maduro is trying to save his dictatorship by accusing "his country's bishops of ignoring Pope Francis's call for dialogue." (Crux, May 15, 2017) The left leaning Pope Francis appears by his silence to be willing to allow Maduro to use his words as propaganda to prolong the ruling leftist dictatorship. The Pope remains silent even as the liberal CNN has video of leftist government tanks mowing down Venezuelan protestors on Google. The papacy remains silent as the vast majority of the people of Venezuela are calling for democracy. Francis remains silent despite the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin on Saturday saying: "I believe that elections are the only solution." (Crux, May 13, 2017) Maduro is refusing to hold free elections despite the Vatican Secretary of State statement. As the Venezuelan protestors calling for freedom are arrested and killed by the dictator and as the papal words are used as propaganda, Pope Francis's