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Vigano says Vatican II brought "Pachmama... Adored," but it also brought Liberal & "Conservative" Bishops who Covered Up for Sex Abusing Predators

  Former Pope Benedict XVI Vatican insider Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who is living "in hiding due to his revelations concerning the McCarrick case gave a commentary on a recent analysis written by Bishop Athanasius Schneider." In this commentary, he explains that Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanae  brought into the Church the heresy of "pachamama could be adored in a church." He wrote: "If the pachamama could be adored in a church, we owe it to [Vatican II's]  Dignitatis Humanae . If we have a liturgy that is Protestantized and at times even paganized, we owe it to the revolutionary action of Msgr. Annibale Bugnini and to the post-conciliar reforms." [ ] Moreover, Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanae  apparently brought into the Church sex abusing predators such as liberal ex-Cardinal Theodore McCar

Sacred Heart of Jesus Spiritual Combat vs. Francis' Wimpy "Unconditional Mercy with No Price to be Paid"

"These were the chouans, those glorious peasants of the Vendée and Bretagne who rose up against the French Revolution in 1793 to fight for the restoration of the Monarchy. On their arms they painted the Sacred Heart of Jesus and on their bodies they bore the badge of the Sacred Heart , popularized by St. John Eudes. Likewise, the Carlists with their red berets and battle cry of “Viva Christo Rey” in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s put the emblem of the Sacred Heart on their rifles, revolvers, heavy arms and even their tanks." - Tradition in Action Catholics who want to do real spiritual combat must do the Great Triad of the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion of reparation to Jesus and for "mercy for sinners" instead of the wimpy mercy of Francis that "preaches that we can expect an unconditional mercy with no price to be paid whatsoever, with no obligations whatsoever": - The weekly Holy Hour - The monthly First Friday - The annual Feast of t

"The Fountain of Propaganda" & Was "George Floyd [a] Porn Star! This is Why He May Have Been Killed?"

A few days ago, I was reading  renowned statistician William Briggs' website and found out that seemingly gay activist Fr. James Martin and some of the United States Catholic bishops who were possibly implicitly claiming with the gay activist that George Floyd is a saint in heaven may be drinking from "the Fountain of Propaganda": "But most do not know what is happening . I had an interaction with a guy who exploded when I told him George Floyd was a porn actor and counterfeiter. He told me that this “could not possibly be true since [he] didn’t hear about it on the media.” I told him search for it, but don’t use Google, use Duck Duck Go, because Google censors results. That’s when he asked about my tinfoil hat." "This was a completely normal average guy. Like most, he only drinks from the Fountain of Propaganda [the liberal media]. He won’t believe it’s bad until the knife is on his neck. Maybe not even then. Remember those two white boys who got rock

Is "Trad Inc." Pro-Tyranny Skojec "Complicit" to "the Largest Crime against Humanity ever Executed"?

Many Francis traditionalists in "Trad Inc." lead by One Peter Five publisher pro-tyranny Steve Skojec are on a campaign for the coronavirus hysteria tyranny and are  "trashing" other Catholics for Skojec's beloved "Vicar of Christ" Francis: It appears that the anti-U.S. Constitution Skojec is 100% in support of the totalitarian lockdowns and tyranny. Moreover, Team Francis Crisis magazine editor Michael Warren Davis who apparently wants to join the official Bergoglio Vatican propaganda team, after singing the praise of Francis saying he "showed tremendous bravery" for his pro-Pachamama Querida Amazonia exhortation, praised pro-tyranny Skojec: " Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive (no Francis groupie) recently pointed out, much of the right-wing media earns its daily bread by relentlessly trashing the Vicar of Christ ." (Crisis, "The Pope is still Catholic," February 13, 2020) Catholic pundit Ann Barnhardt  says that &qu

“'False Flag' Operations": Francis, Clinton, Obama & the COVID-RIOTS "Chemotherapy"

On September 10, 2018, the Associated Press (AP) reported: "The Vatican is preparing the "necessary clarifications" about accusations that top Vatican officials including Pope Francis covered up the sexual misconduct of a now-disgraced American ex-cardinal, Francis' top advisers said Monday." [ ] The Vatican's Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano "clarification" was supposed to finally come this year, but instead all that came from Francis was the coronavirus hysteria banning of Masses and support for COVID globalist tyranny. Instead of an answer to Archbishop Vigano it appears that all that happened was possibly a Deep State globalist/Francis  “'false flag' operations" to  "plant propaganda and diminish or discredit opponents." The award winning The Intercept  revealed that Francis's Argentina knows all about “false flag” opera

Anti-Vigano Scott Alt & Mark Shea are Good for a Few Chuckles until we Remember they're Complicit with Francis' Sex Abuse Cover-ups

Mark Shea who is leaving Patheos and a lap dog of his Scott Eric Alt, who are both anti-Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, have been attacking faithful Catholics at that site for years. Patheos according to Wikipedia is a "spirituality site" that includes "Catholic, Progressive Christian, Nonreligious and Pagan Channels." On June 3, one of this "Progressive Christians," Alt, on Twitter attacked faithful Catholic Archbishop Vigano calling him a "frustrated little man" and the two "Progressive" collaborators have been attacking other Catholics such as Frank Walker who publishes the news aggregator website Canon 212, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Patrick Coffin so it seemed like a good time to shine the light on Shea and his friend which for me can be amusing at times. I found it ridiculous and at the same time laughable in the contrast between the two when the Catholic philosophy scholar Edward Feser judiciously and painstakingly embarrasse