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Is Anti-Open Letter Taylor Marshall calling Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales a "Sedevacantist"?

On Twitter, Nick Donnelly wrote: "Bishop Schneider tells Raymond Arroyo that the signatories were wrong to accuse Francis of heresy because he hasn't made a formal, universal declaration of heresy. Though he admits he has allowed wrong teaching Very disappointing hair splitting." [ 3:30 AM - 17 May 2019 ] In responding to Donnelly's statement, anti-Open Letter Taylor Marshall, apparently, is implicitly calling Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales a "sedevacantist": "I agree w Bishop Schneider. If you condemn Francis as “heretical pope” one must break communion with him. This is why I called the doc “practically sedevacantist”. It’s not formally sede but the natural conclusion is." [ ] Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales wrote: "Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinion, as did John XXIL.

Does Anti-Open Letter Fr. Harrison Believe that Vatican II gives the Satanic Temple the "Right to Abortion" because of the "Right to Freedom"?

Fr. Brian Harrison in his latest attack on the Open Letter, in his defense of Pope Francis's religious indifferentism in the Abu Dhabi statement, said: "Since, according to Vatican II teaching... Dignitatis Humanae... the truth or falsity of the religion we profess does not in itself affect our right to freedom from governmental or social harassment." (The Wanderer, "Pope Francis: The Charge of Formal Heresy," May, 14, 2019) Does Harrison believe that Vatican II gives satanic-like children sacrificing Baal religions the "right to freedom"? Do the teachings of Vatican II mean that Rome was wrong to destroy the child sacrificing religion of Moloch? Does religious freedom mean that G. K. Chesterton was wrong to socially harass the memory of the religion of Baal? Chesterton said: [W]orshippers of Baal or Moloch... a religion of despair... fell [by the hands of Rome]... to its logical conclusion [of] her own vision of the universe. Moloch had ea

Are Most Anti-Open Letter Catholic Conservatives Aware that they are Losing their Faith?

Therese, a commenter at the Catholic Monitor, said: "[C]onservatives have... a slow-moving liberalism that by one accommodation after another will end in humanism." "I was listening to a radio interview from the 90's in which the featured guest pointed out that when you lose your faith typically you are unaware of the fact... I am praying especially for the grace not to fall into this trap." A few years ago,  if anyone other than Pope Francis had explicitly taught what Francis now teaches about allowing Communion for adulterers and that the death penalty is "immoral," most of the conservative Catholics would have said it was heretical. What early Church expert Rod Bennett said of the Semi-Arians is now true, apparently, of most conservatives attacking the Open Letter: "[Pope] Liberius signed the Semi-Arian Creed of Sirmium... designed to bear both an orthodox and heretical interpretation." ("Bad Shepherds," Page 27) Li

Did the Great Cardinal Newman Believe Francis's Liberal Religion to be "Evil" & the "Great Apostasia [Apostasy]"?

It appears that Cardinal John Henry Newman, who is called the greatest Catholic theologian of the 19th century, thought that Pope Francis's liberal religion was "evil" and the "great apostasia [apostasy]." Scholar Marvin O'Connell quotes some of Newman's thoughts on "Liberalism in religion" which apparently condemn Francis's liberal theories: "[T]he liberalistic theory... we pronounce it to be evil." "... one creed is as good as another... It teaches that all are to be tolerated... it is the right of each individual to make it say whatever strikes his fancy... Men may go to Protestant Churches and to Catholic, nay get good from both and belong to neither. They may fraternise together in spiritual thoughts and feelings, without any views at all of doctrine in common..." "[T]his great apostasia... [is] one and the same everywhere." (Volume 1, Newman Today, 1988, "Newman and Liberalism," Pages

Are all Liberals Modernist & are Most Conservative Catholics Semi-Modernist?

In my opinion, it is obvious that Pope Francis doesn't have even a remnant of Thomism. Nor does he apparently care about being loyal to the infallible Church teachings. He appears to be a Modernist (See: ): -"[T]he [Modernist] Blondelian schema holds that justification for the faith is to be found by turning inwards to the personal experience of the human subject. This turn to the subject is characteristic of modern philosophy, from Descartes right up to the Idealism of Kant and Hegel and beyond, and presented a major challenge to the traditional Catholic apologetics... If it were the case that inner experience justified the faith, if each person was to find the proof of God’s existence within their own life, then what would be the basis for the teaching authority of the Church?" - Neo-Modernist AnthonyCarroll  [ ] "Betwee