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Unprofound Theologian Pope Fransis's Three Favorite Theologians are Second Rate Relativists or Heretical Dissenters

Is Pope Francis the new Pope Horonius? The unscholarly Pope Honorius was a heretic who promoted the Monothelitist heresy. He was condemned by a general council and Pope St. Agatho and Pope St. Leo II. The Catholic Encyclopedia said of Honorius that he "was not a profound theologian, and allowed himself to be confused and mislead." (Edward Feser.blogspot, "Denial flows into the Tiber," December 18, 2016) Theologian Tracey Rowland wrote that Francis before the papacy said "I can't imagine anything more boring than Fundamental Theology." She quotes Ross Douthat saying: "Francis is clearly a less systematic thinker than... his predecessors" to the papacy. (Catholic Theology, page 192) Francis is not a profound theologian and neither are the Pope's three favorite theologians who are the basis of his theological formation or thinking. Austen Ivereigh at Crux recently did a reviewed of Massimo Borghesi's book cal

Does Cld. Cupich Think Hitler was Good or Bad?

On Face the Nation Cupich said he would give Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians On Feb. 1, the National Catholic Reporter reported that Cardinal Blase Cupich attacked the "Benedict Option": "'That's not who we are, 'Cupich said of the "Benedict Option,' which takes its name from a book that calls for a conservative counterculture... Instead, Cupich said, Catholics should go out and engage the world, much like Jesus' disciples after Pentecost, or those who fought Hitler in World War II." [ ] How would the Cardinal have engaged Hitler in World War II? Does Cupich think Hitler was good or bad? Below is a list that the Cardinal would most likely agree with from the liberal on Hitler's so-called good and bad points: "Good. For following - Animal rights & Environmental protection rights [and gun

Benedict says Pope Francis is "Profound" Philosopher, has X-Ray Vision & can Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

The silliness of the Francis papacy has reached a new level. The 90-year old Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who in his last photo on October 2017 had a black eye (google the photo and do a close up of his face) and looked so feeble he appeared near death has according to the Vatican news agency just read 11 books by Francis as well as wrote a letter saying "Pope Francis is a man with profound philosophical and theological formation." If Benedict did by some miracle read the 11 books and wrote the letter then he either has dementia or has lost his mind. Vatican news agency please send a camera crew in so we can see the new Benedict who in just a few months is a new man full of gusto who can read 11 books of Francis's new found profound clarity of prose as well as profundity in theology and philosophy. Let us see the full of gusto Benedict tell us before a camera about the new found profoundness of the present Pope. Do a internet search of anyone and everyone who has