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Eliminating Left and Right: Personal Ownership & Moral Decisions Vs. Impersonal Materialist Forces -"One of the most important contributions of Catholic social teaching to economic thought is the Church’s insistence that the economy is not the result of implacable laws or impersonal forces, but of specific moral decisions. -"The capitalist notion that the purpose of economic activity is profit, and that the greatest good for the greatest number follows automatically from this principle, is in the first place morally false and in the second profoundly arbitrary." -"The socialist notion that economic activity is not rooted in personal ownership, and that the state alone can bring about equity and peace in the social order is, in the first place false as to its understanding of human nature and in the second inevitably totalitarian." -"Neither system is based on the full truth about man, and so neither is capable of fostering authentic development or, as the Church puts it, 'development of t