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Media Witch-Hunt of Pell & Cover-Up of Pope Francis's Sex-Abuse Scandals

-Updated July 2, 2017- The media witch-hunt attacks on Cardinal George Pell seems to be making a fair trial more difficult. It is hoped that a fair trail can prove Pell's guilt or innocence. In 2002, Pell was accused of "inappropriately" touching two men, 40 years in the past, in a swimming pool. The Cardinal was cleared of the charges. (Catholic League, "Cardinal Pell Deserves Fair Hearing," June 29, 2017) The 2002 alleged inappropriate behavior charges are similar to media charges made against conservative Bill O'Reilly that appeared lightweight compared to the gravity of the liberal Clinton's alleged sexual crimes which the mainstream media covered-up. The media similarly is covering-up Pope Francis's sex-abuse cover-up scandal while it applied its witch-hunt attacks on Bishop Robert Finn. The so-called cover-up of conservative Bishop Finn appears lightweight compared to the gravity of the liberal Pope Francis's scandalous act of

"Nake Corruption": Pope Francis "Practically" Controlled by German Bishops in Attempt to Destroy Malta Knights on April 27 reported that a internal document of the Knights of Malta revealed that financially corrupt Malta Knights enlisted the help of "dissident Germans" lead by Cardinal Marx to bring about their return to power using German financial leverage to "manipulate" Pope Francis. After their full return to power they intend to destroy the Knights according to the article. The piece farther reported: "'German bishops practically control the Vatican because they are so rich and the Vatican is so poor'...The document implies that Von Boeselager was able to convince Cdl. Marx along with figures of influence in Rome to manipulate the Holy See into deposing Festing and reinstating Von the heart of the maneuvers to oust Festing was a sweetheart one Ariane Slinger, a wealthy Swiss  lawyer" Festing had to be removed because he was "concerned about the ethical implications" and refused the corrup

Collusion: Are Russia & Pope Francis Proping Up Venezuelan Dictatorship?

-Updated August 26, 2017- Are Russia's Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis ties getting closer because they are colluding or plotting to prop up the brutal Venezuelan dictatorship? A week ago, Francis sent his Secretary of State to Russia. At the same time, a leader of the Russian opposition accused Putin of propping up the Venezuelan tyranny. According to PanAm Post: "Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni has taken Vladimir Putin to task for financing Nicolas Maduro's brutal regime; he has assured that the Kremlin will not recover the USD $8.8 billion granted in credit to Caracas." (PanAm Post, "Russian Opposition Denounces Putin for Sustaining Venezuelan Regime with Loans, Credit," August 19, 2017) A few days ago, Zenit reported that Francis's Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said: "Russia 'can help' Venezuela in this 'difficult moment.' 'I think that Russia can contribute to the negotiations.'" (