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Dr. Mazza: Pope Benedict's "Resignation" is "leaving Breadcrumbs or Easter Eggs... [on] the Declaration of Martial Law or the Outlaw Situation"

  In a PCM interview transcribed by The Catholic Monitor, Catholic historian Edmund Mazza explains why Pope Benedict XVI in his "resignation" appeared to be " leaving breadcrumbs or Easter eggs": Patrick Coffin: “The wolves,” seems to be an open secret was a reference to the St. Gallen mafia and the financial improprieties and crimes that were going on. He couldn’t even write to other dicastery prefects, because his mail was intercepted. He was kind of a Vatican prisoner. Who was compromised in several different ways. I don’t mean that in the ordinary sense of compromise, but he was bound up in all kinds of red tape, that he couldn’t snippet himself out of and…  Dr. Edmund Mazza: Well, I’ll tell you another interesting thing Patrick, real quick here. If we think that when he said, “Pray for me that I don’t flee for fear of the wolves,” if we think that he’s leaving breadcrumbs or Easter eggs, I got another Easter egg for you. He could have chosen to re

Fraud COVID Fear vs. True and Good Fear: Fear of the Lord

    CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID and Finally Admits the Test Can Not Differentiate Between the Flu and COVID Virus - The Gateway Pundit "We shall begin with Fear of the Lord which, while often considered the most lowly of the Gifts, can at the same time be considered the most important: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Without the proper beginning, there is no proper End; without this foundation, there is no Christian life. It is the Gift of Fear of the Lord which has been very conspicuously denied since Vatican Council II. And yet it took up dwelling, as we shall see, even in the sacred and sinless Humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ." - Thomist James Larson For many low information people whose source of medical "news" is Big Pharma's propaganda arm the Democrat's Big Media their perpetual fear is the COVID  and their greatest new fear is the "Variant." They will tell you in a nervous jittery almost phobic voice o