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Francis Gaslighting: Courageous Weinandy vs. Fearful USCCB Bishops & Muller

-Updated November 2, 2017 Are Pope Francis and his inner circle applying a type of gaslighting psychological abuse? Gaslighting is a popular word for cognitive re-definintion "management" manipulation. This type of manipulation can be summed up as persons being pressured, usually by fear of losing their job or position in an organization, into changing their deepest beliefs. Persons under this manipulation have only two choices. They can stay with the organization so long as they are willing to change their deepest beliefs. Or they must be willing to leave the organization to keep their most cherish beliefs. Fr. Thomas Weinandy is an example of one who decided to lose his position with the USCCB instead of betray his beliefs. The courageous Weinandy said in a letter to Pope Francis: You "seem to censor and mock those who interpret Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia in accord with Church tradition... Many bishops are silent... Many fear that if they speak the

Fact Check: Pope Francis, Dementia, Sex Abuse and the Media Cover-up

The mainstream Media have been covering-up Pope Francis's involvement in sex abuse cover-ups. However, the conservative and Catholic media, even the unorthodox liberal supporters of Francis, have reported the papal scandal. "Imagine if Pope Benedict had so transparently contradicted himself, placed prelates accused of facilitating or perpetrating sexual abuse in positions of power and influence, then went on to condemn his critics for being 'dumb.' The media furor would have far eclipsed what happened after his remarks at Regensburg" according to [ ] Even the extreme leftist National Catholic Reporter said: "In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI dismissed Fr. Mauro Inzoli, who was accused of abusing dozens of children over a 10-year period. In 2014, Pope Francis reinstated him and required him to live a life of "prayer and penance...On Jan. 21, 2014, a