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Is Francis's Reported Firing of Vatican Police Chief part of a War between the Gay Lobby & Parolin's Old Guard?

What is the background behind the reported firing of the Vatican police chief Domenico Giani by Francis? If it is true, it appears to be part of a war between Francis's Vatican Gay Lobby against the Vatican Old Guard diplomats whose main figure head is Cardinal Pietro Parolin, but whose real head is Cardinal Angelo Sodano. The evidence I have found points to Giani being allied with Sodano's Old Guard. If this is true, it is a war between two equally unsavory outfits who in my opinion are both responsible for the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Church financial scandals and the sex abuse scandals. I pray for their expulsions from the Church which will hopefully lead to their conversion before their death. Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Maybe Gay Activist Fr. Martin told Francis "Jesus Stops being a God & becomes a Man"

Yesterday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano urged Francis himself to give a "clear answer" to if he believes Jesus was always God. So far, Francis refuses to follow Archbishop Vigano's urging. Francis problem on this issue with Vigano started when his close longtime friend Eugenio Scalfari quoted Francis saying: "Once incarnate, Jesus stops being a God and becomes a man until his death on the cross." Gay activist Fr. James Martin whom Francis promotes and invites to visit him at the Vatican may have led Francis astray by saying as he did on Twitter to him; "Today, we see Jesus' human and divine nature: he learns from the woman that his ministry extents to all." Gay activist Martin believes Jesus' human nature was ignorant of his divine mission and so therefore Christ's human nature was apparently split from his divine nature. It appears that Martin and Francis may believe Jesus' divinity was separated from his humanity. Is

Athanasius Gracida Against the World & Francis's "Pagan Rites"

The Church Father St. Athanasius was dubbed "Athanasius contra mundum": "Athanasius against the world." He almost single handedly defended Catholic orthodoxy and the deity of Jesus Christ when all the Catholic bishops defected from the faith except for a handful. Even the pope excommunicated Athanasius for his defense of the deity of Jesus. Now, it is Athanasius Gracida contra mundum: Athanasius Gracida against the world. Bishop Rene Gracida alone among all the Catholic bishops of the entire world defended God's greatest commandment: "You shall have no other God before me." Today, Athanasius Gracida told Francis and all the Catholic bishops of the world that they must choose to be a Catholic or to be a semi-pagan and therefore a heretic. You cannot be both a Catholic and a pagan. Like the Old Testment prophet Jeremiah who condemned pagan idolatry and false prophets, Gracida's voice cried out: "The participation by Francis the

Are Francis's Vatican Gay Lobby and Parolin's Vatican Old Guard at War?

Is the alliance of the Vatican Gay Lobby and the Vatican Old Guard that apparently were involved with the engineering of the election of Francis breaking up and at war? The Old Guard Vatican diplomats whose top official is Sercetary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin was "attack[ed]" and "is being targeted" by the Vatican Bank (IOR) which is headed by the Francis appointed Gay Lobby Monsignor Battista Ricca according to Italian news outlet Ilmerraggero. (, "Vatican, IOR attacks the Secretariat of State: alleged financial irregularities," October 2, 2019) The Ilmessaggero article reported Parolin's Secretariat of State offices were broken into by Vatican police with the apparent approval of Francis: "[I]n the offices of the Secretariat of State... the Vatican judicial police officers broke in for a reconnaissance that led to the seizure of documents and computers." revealed: "The Italian daily Ilmessagge

Did Dr. Taylor Marshall join Fr. Nix in Calling for a Imperfect Council?

It appears that Dr. Taylor Marshall on his popular YouTube TnT show might have joined his frequent guest co-host Fr. David Nix in calling for a imperfect council. However, Marshall's possible call for a imperfect council (unlike Fr. Nix's call which seems to enjoin a judgement of the validity or invalidity of the papacy) appears to be to judge if Francis is a "manifest heretic" and therefore after the proper canonical procedures "loses" his "office." Today, from Marshall's show, here are his words: "[Alphonsus Liguori says] anyone who is a heretic loses their office including the pope. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonsus Liguori say even when the pope as a private person falls into heresy he falls from the pontificate. If that's the case, we may seem pretty close..." (From: 36:00-36:18) "... I found it. Here is the quote, St. Alphonsus Liguori: 'If ever a pope as a private person should fall into heresy, he would

Democrat "Impeachment" Equals Democrats Lose House

The so-called moderate Democrats regained the House of Representatives in 2018 in President Donald Trump districts for Nancy Pelosi. They are going to lose the House now that those district's moderate voters see they are impeachment Nancy Pelosi robots. They are sure losers because all they have are "whistleblowers" with second-hand or hearsay useless information. Why do you think Trump is smiling as he dares them to impeach? Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the United States to Christian morality.

Was Francis's Vatican Earth Goddess Ritual "Demonic" Santeria?

"[T]he shaman shook a rattle, went up to Francis and fooled him by casting some spells on his hands."[ ] The Vatican indigenous ritual appears to have specifically South American superstitious pagan ceremonies. In the Vatican Amazonian indigenous ritual, one of the most important parts of the ritual, apparently was the rattle ceremony that is explained by the website which is "a multi-disciplinary project devoted to the... Amazon": "[R]attles are the most important [indigenous pagan] shamanic tool in the Amazon... anthropologist Jacques Chaumeil says that, among the Yagua, the rattle is held to be voice of the spirits." (, "The Leaf-Bundle Rattle, July 22, 2016) The indigenous pagan "Shamanic Drumming" website says: The shaman's rattle is used to invoke the assistance of power animals and helping spirits... In South America, the shaman's ratt

St. Catherine of Siena's Advice to those who seek the Reformation of the Church

One of the greatest saints, St. Catherine of Siena, gave the following advice to those who seek the reformation of the Church. She said: "I shall recognize whether we have truly conceived love for the reform of holy Church, because if this is indeed the case, you will follow the will of God." (Letters, December 1378) She said we do this by praying for the grace of loving God above everything including ourselves and loving our neighbor as ourselves wishing their salvation. If you are fearful because of the crisis and darkness in the Church, remember that Jesus, the saints and angels are in this battle with you. I know St. Catherine is praying for us to have light and peace who are seeking the reformation of the Church. She is praying for us as she prayed for Niccolo in his darkness and fear: "I waited for him at the place of execution, and as I waited, I kept praying in the presence of Mary and Catherine, virgin and martyr. Before he arrived, I lay down and stretch