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Do the Francis & so-called "New Natural Law" Theorist Brugger Death Penalty teachings have Abortion, COVID & Serial Murderer/Rapist Ted Bundy Deadly Implications?

    Ted Bundy victims: Who were the women ... Who lives and who dies? Health care rationing at a time of ... Not only is Francis unambiguously professing the material heresy that "the death penalty is inadmissible" which apparently will promote more abortions, but on top of that, he wants to let loose the Ted Bundys to rape and kill or else he is senile or so out of touch with reality that he thinks serial rapist and murderers are miraculously going to stop raping and killing. [Francis's material heresy: ] Bundy was a serial murderer and rapist who, also, tortured the victims and even engaged in necrophilia with their bodies.  If Ted Bundy had not received the death penalty and was instead given a sentence of life imprisonment would Francis want Bundy set free? In 2014 and now in 2018 Francis said: - "[T]he Magisterium of the Church believes that perpetual