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Golden Compass Author said "My Books are about Killing God"

BOYCOTT THE MOVIE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS Regarding the following: Philip Pullman, the author, a self admitted atheist, told an Australian newspaper that "my books are about killing God." Hmm, I thought atheists didn't believe in God. It sounds to me like Pullman knows that God exists, but still wants to kill Him. This is more in line with the devil's M.O. Satan and Pullman have something in common, or maybe they're one in the same. Either way, BOYCOTT THE MOVIE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS, OTHERWISE, YOU WILL JUST BE ENCOURAGING HOLLYWOOD TO MAKE MORE ANTI-GOD MOVIES, WHICH WILL MAKE THE DEVIL HAPPY. Frank Joseph MD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Perspectives: In what direction does The Golden Compass point? Rebecca Grace - Guest Columnist December 6, 2007 As with any movie I review on behalf of the American Family Ass

Is there a "Subconscious?"

The Hidden Chambers by Nancy Missler Recently, it has come to our attention that many people are confused both about the existence of what is commonly called the subconscious1 and its role. Many Christians, driven by their concern about the preoccupation of psychologists with the subconscious, mistakenly ignore its Biblical basis. Because the writings of Sigmund Freud have had much influence on our daily vocabulary and familiar idioms, many erroneously assume that the subconscious itself is a Freudian concept. While we in no way validate Freud's peculiar views and obsessions with the subconscious (please see our newsletter of May '96),2 we do believe that many Christians, in their zeal to distance themselves from the deceptions of Freudianism, assume that the concept of the "subconscious," or "unconscious," is also fallacious. Thus, they have thrown "the baby out with the bathwater." The insight that our memory works below the level of conscio

Save Our Kids from Homosexual Kindergartens

Save Our Kids Campaign Circulating Enough Petitions Save Our Kids Campaign Circulating Enough Petitions to Qualify Referendum SACRAMENTO, Dec. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the deadline for returning SB 777 referendum petitions quickly approaches, the campaign is excited to announce that there are 300,000 petitions in circulation. 300,000 petitions equal 3 million signatures. If only half of the petitions are returned, there will be more than enough signatures to qualify the referendum for the 2008 June ballot. "We are simply stunned that we have accomplished this with a volunteer-only campaign," explained Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Family Impact and director of the Save Our Kids campaign. "The response to the referendum campaign has been overwhelming. Every day we receive extraordinary stories from volunteers so passionate about this issue that they are standing in front of stores entire weekends to gather signatures. We are humbled by this kin

Study:"Abortion Raises a Woman’s Risk of Breast Cancer by 30 Percent"

Study: Abortion Fueling Cancer Epidemic Tuesday, December 4, 2007 6:48 PM By: Sylvia Hubbard Article Font Size Having an abortion raises a woman’s risk of breast cancer by at least 30 percent, and is fueling an “epidemic” of the often fatal disease, according to British researchers. According to a new study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, young women who had an abortion before having a child are at the greatest risk for developing breast cancer. The study’s lead author Patrick Carroll calls abortion the single “best predictor” of breast cancer trends. “An abortion in a young woman who has never had a child has a carcinogenic effect because it leaves breast cells in a state of interrupted hormonal development in which they are more susceptible,” says Carroll, director of research at PAPRI (Pension and Population Research Institute) in London. The study adds fuel to the already fiery debate between abortion-rights advocates who believe the option to term

"Birth Control Pill Raises Breast Cancer Risk"

"Birth Control Pill Raises Breast Cancer Risk" From Karen Malec, (Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer) Dear Friends: The Chicago Tribune published an article on Monday, December 3, 2005 discussing a review of medical studies showing that the birth control pill raises breast cancer risk. The article, "Why isn't this study on the pill heeded?" by Dennis Byrne said that the review was published in the prestigious journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, in 2006, but journalists in the mainstream media have chosen to ignore it because the findings conflict with the feminist religious tenets that they hold so dear. A link to the Chicago Tribune article appears in our "Abortion-Breast Cancer News Headlines" shown below. Both the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the World Health Organization admit that the birth control pill (also called oral contraceptives) in the combined form (estrogen plus progestin) is a carcinogen. [


One the great writer of the last century is Malcolm Muggeridge. Here are his thoughts on happiness. Fred There is something quite ridiculous, and even indecent, in an individual claiming to be happy. Still more, a people or a nation making such a claim. The pursuit of happiness, included along with life and liberty in the American Declaration of Independence as an inalienable right, is without any question the most fatuous which could possibly be undertaken. This lamentable phrase—the pursuit of happiness—is responsible for a good part of the ills and miseries of the modern world. To pursue happiness, individually or collectively, as a conscious aim is the surest way to miss it altogether; as is only too tragically evident in countries like Sweden and America where happiness has been most ardently pursued, and where the material circumstances usually considered conducive to happiness have been most effectively constructed. The Gadarene swine were doubtless in pursuit of happiness when

Some Reasons we should Vote for Huckabee instead of Paul

Here are some reasons to get behind Huckabee from Fred For some reason, this year’s slot of Republicans has included a few surprisingly decent candidates, the like of which we have not seen in a long time. In fact, some of us have forgotten what a real conservative is like, after the Bushes, the Doles and the Fords. To hear candidates seriously discussing concepts like eliminating the IRS, and giving more than lip service to the pro-life cause, would have been inconceivable in the last presidential election. However, some hard choices are going to have to be made and soon if we conservatives don’t want someone like Romney, Guiliani or Thompson to get the GOP nomination. Like it or not, we are going to have to unite behind one conservative candidate, capable of not only disposing of phonies like Romney or Guiliani, but also of going all the way to the White House in 2008. Cong. Paul, that most venerable and courageous man, I say with great reluctance,

Huckabee Surged into Lead in Iowa

Huckabee Surged into Lead in Iowa Obama, Huckabee Lead '08 Race in Iowa By John Whitesides, Reuters Posted: 2007-12-02 21:31:29 Filed Under: Elections News DES MOINES, Iowa (Dec. 2) - Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee surged into narrow leads in Iowa in a poll released on Sunday, barely a month before the state holds the first contest in a shifting 2008 presidential race. Photo Gallery: The Top Candidates in Iowa Kevin Sanders, AP Barack Obama, Democrat Place Among Democrats: First, at 28 percent 1 of 6 The poll by the Des Moines Register, the state's largest newspaper, showed Obama with a three-point edge over national front-runner Hillary Clinton in Iowa, 28 percent to 25 percent, and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards third at 23 percent. Among Republicans, Huckabee moved past previous leader Mitt Romney to take a five-point edge, 29 percent to 24 percent. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads national polls, trails in third place at 13 pe