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Did COVID Bishops who Suspended Public Mass Blaze a Trail for the Antichrist?

Doctor of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine said one of the signs of the Antichrist is suspending public Mass: "[S]ure signs concerning the coming of Antichrist... the greatest and last persecution, and also the public sacrifice (of the Mass) shall completely cease." (The Prophecy of Daniel, Pages 37-38) Did COVID bishops who suspended public Mass blaze a trail for the Antichrist?  Note: The Catholic Monitor implores all CM readers to now or as soon as possible to "Contact Governor Brian Kemp and DEMAND that he IMMEDIATELY call a special session of the legislature": Call him at 404-656-1776 Email him at or use this contact form . Message him on Facebook and Twitter .   Also, please ask your friends and family to "Contact Governor Brian Kemp and DEMAND that he IMMEDIATELY call a special session of the legislature" and their elected officials now "[LifeSite says] " It’s imperative... that ordinary citizens contact


This post is written by the sister of the publisher of the Catholic Monitor, Maria Ramirez: Moms and dads if you value your freedom and the freedom of your children you must not allow Biden to win this election. Parents who have always chosen to home school will not be allowed (All children, who are home schooled or send their kiddos to religious education, even public schools), will be replaced with government indoctrination, as in China and Venezuela. All of our God given liberties will be taken away. They will not allow parents to discipline their children. Believe me, it has already begun. As a child protective services (CPS) social worker for many years, I saw it many times. Parents were not allowed to say or do anything to their own children ( In particular children of color)! Yes, I agree, that if children are being mistreated that is a totally different story. If Biden and the Demo(n)crats win, we may not even survive! You will not see your children grow up, nor will they even