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"The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for seeing nothing wrong with [homosexual] adoption! "

From Gary Morella [homosexual] Does the Archbishop of San Francisco believe that we were all born yesterday in regard to his incredible statement of apology, which is laughable? The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for not being a good shepherd to his flock by saying nothing to them whatsoever in regard to the abomination that is Most Holy Redeemer Church's blatant public promotion of sodomitic lifestyles. The REAL apology that is owed by Niederauer is for seeing nothing wrong with sodomite adoption! The REAL apology that is owed by Niederaruer is for not publicly condemning, in the strongest terms possible, the filth of the sodomitic Folsom and Castro street fairs, and the promotion of sodomitic lifestyles at the state, county, and city levels, to particularly include San Francisco, with an attitude that is "to heck with the children in his state in complete ignorance of Matthew 18:6!" You make think that you are fooling people, Archbishop

Tough Jesuit

Father William Stout says Mass every Sunday at Agnew (hospital for the handicap) Chapel. After Mass, he is surrounded him by people of many nationalities. Father chats and blessing with a natural joy in Spanish, Vietnamese and other tongues. If at any time of day or night you need him -he is there with that same joyfulness. He is a traditional Jesuit Priest whose day job was teaching at the toughest school in Eastside San Jose - Overfelt High. “I wanted to go to the Eastside of San Jose to help the next immigrant people.” Father said, “My family was German and Irish. My brother and I were the first to graduate from college in the family. The Mexicans were the next group of immigrants we ought to help” The Jesuits had hoped to have a Catholic High school in the Eastside of San Jose. But, in 1984 since no Catholic school was build, Father Stout proposed to the Jesuit provincial that he get hired at Overfelt in math- to help the kids from Mexico with problems in English. Teaching for over