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Harry Potter Hate Mail "At Times [Of]Satanic Malevolence"

By Michael O’Brien The Potterization of a Generation Since my article last month on the final volume of the Harry Potter series, I have received a good deal of hate mail, some of it displaying astonishing vehemence—at times Satanic malevolence. I continue to be puzzled most of all by the few remaining Christian voices that promote the series. That the Pope and the exorcist of Rome diocese long ago warned against these books seems to make little difference in the thinking of some public figures. Their indifference is in itself symptomatic of a deeper problem: that is, the disconnect between faith and culture. One might even say, faith and reason. Defenders, regardless of how articulate they may be, have few serious points to make and seem to be impelled by gut attractions, loyalties, peer pressure (high and low), dismissing serious considerations regarding the Potter series with a back-hand swipe by calling thoughtful criticism “hysteria” or “fundamentalism.” And so the potterization of

Is Michael Savage Anti-Catholic? Part 2

I want to thank Larry for sending me the the link below. If anyone said "[T]he Jewish religious leaders are pigs...[t]he institutions are rotten from the top to the bottom." There is no question that he or she would be called a anti-Semitic. Michael Savage said "[T]he Catholic Church pigs...[t]he institution is rotten from the top to the bottom." Please read the whole text below. I agree with Catholic League president Bill Donohue that Michael Savage "owes all Catholics an apology." Larry A. Carstens said... Dear Fred: One can bash the Catholic Church without bashing the Pope. It is not just a matter of "not agreeing with us." There are other conservative talk show hosts who don't agree with us (Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, inter alia) who manage to avoid ever smearing us. I do give Mr. Savage credit for defending the Church, but he does not have a "spotless" record in this area. Exhibit A can be found

Sins Against Purity Cause Wars

Sins Against Purity Cause Wars Richard Salbato 9-11-2007 Today we remember the second attack on American soil of an enemy. This time it was not done by a nation like Japan but by an ideology, a religious justification. It was done by a non-government cult loosely held together by religious zeal for their god and his commandments. This is a war that has been going on for over 1,300 years, sometimes hot and sometimes cold. It is an enemy that believes in castrating women, and subjecting them to something like slavery. It is a religion that believes in killing or subjecting all those who do not accept their beliefs. It remains to this day a forced faith, where even the children are forced into its beliefs or punished even with death. This has happened even inside the United States of America to a young girl who wanted to leave her religion. Christians who live in Moslem countries live as second class citizens with no right to vote, or to hold any government job. They cannot evange

"Pro-Life" Casey is Pro- Abortion

"The moral of this story: Never trust a Democrat, even if he says he is pro-life." writes: Regarding the following: Well, what did you expect? What few pro-lifers there are in the Democratic party have to toe the party line. And that line is: Never feel sorry for unborn children, as the mothers have the right to have them killed. Why Bob Casey Jr. didn't switch to the Republican party knowing the Democratic party's affinity for the killing of unborn children is mind boggling, especially after they made a fool out of his own father. Did he think he was going to change this "Party of Death," into becoming pro-life. When hell freezes over. Satan has a firm grip on his "pride and joy." As usual, the party comes first and Bob Casey just confirmed this. The people in Pennsylvania were hood-winked by Casey. Where are you Rick Santorum? The moral of this story: Never trust a Democrat, even if he says he is pro-life. Fra