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Pope Francis's Archbishop in Charge of Judging Sex Abuse Cases & Top Advisor are Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-up

-Updated October 11, 2018- Today, Michael Dougherty in an article for National Review titled "The Case against Pope Francis" revealed that "Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, is set to stand trail in France for his role in covering-up a child-sex-abuse scandal. Francis made him head of the Vatican's doctrinal office, which adjudicates [judges] abuse cases." Maybe even worst, Francis's top advisor, also, is accused of sex abuse cover-up. Vatican expert John Allen reports who is the Pope's top advisor and that he "symbolizes" the "Pope Francis era": Cardinal  Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga  "symbolizes" the "Pope Francis era... he comes off as virtually a 'vice-pope,' the coordinator of Francis’ all-important council of cardinal advisors [C9] and his most visible and outspoken interpreter." [ ] Sadly, the Car

Cdl. Law Scandal Pales in Comparison to Pope Francis/Barros Scandal

The left-leaning Catholic Crux's headline on December 14, 2015 was: "How can the Church allow Bernard Law to remain a priest?" The question that needs to be asked of all leftist Catholics is: "How can the Church allow Pope Francis to remain a pope?" The Cardinal Bernard Law scandal pales in comparison to the Francis and Bishop Juan Barros sex abuse scandal. Crux on December  20, 2017 summarized the Law scandal: "It was late 2001 when the Boston Globe began running its first stories on the John Geoghan case, a former Boston priest sentenced to prison in 2002 for sexual abuse and killed there less than a year later by another inmate. Records from the Boston archdiocese showed that reports of Geoghan’s behavior had been made to church officials, and despite that, he was transferred to a series of different assignments where he continued to commit acts of abuse." "Not long afterwards, similar reports surfaced about another Boston pries