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Is E. Michael Jones Anti-Semitic?

This a sad day for me. I learned many deep insights from E. Michael Jones. I stopped getting his Culture War magazine a number of years ago because it started sounding anti-Semitic. Today I decided to do a little research. Jones said "This “Judenfeindlichkeit[("hostility-toward-Jews")],” if we use Brumlik’s word, is part of the essence of Catholicism." Paul Tarsax in his blog says: "He will argue that it is founded on religion, but I have never once seen Mr. Jones claim that "part of the essence of Catholicism" is being hostile toward non-Christian Germans, non-Christian French, or non-Christian Chinese. For Mr. Jones, this hostility is to be directed at Jews who reject Christ, and any Hebrew living today who is not a Christian falls into this category." A better comparison would be "I have never once seen Mr. Jones claim that "part of the essence of Catholicism" is being hostile toward" the non-Christian Muslims who have kill

Is Michael Savage Anti-Catholic?

Larry A. Carstens said... It's true that Michael Savage is spot on with regards to his comments on many issues. However, as I hope you are aware, he also has a nasty habit of bashing the Catholic Church in a manner that distorts the facts. Dear Mr. Carstens, I've never heard him bash the Pope. He has attacked Bishops who, many times, needed bashing. I don't agree with him on a number of issues. He isn't a Catholic so he isn't going to agree with us all the time. But, he is the one major media figure who is clearly showing the homosexual activist take-over of our culture and institutions that is destroying the United States. Also, when the Gay Mafia in the media was trying to destroy the Church with the sex abuse scandal, he backed the Church. One learns who are ones friends (and who are not) when one is knocked to the ground and is being kicked from all sides. Fred

Will Catholics Vote Against Iraq or Abortion?

Will Catholics Vote Against Iraq or Abortion? Every Pope has said this is the overriding issue, trumping all other issues. But, and I predict this now, that 80% of Catholics will vote for a pro-abortion President, Republican or Democrat. The reason they will do this (which by the way is a mortal sin) is that they think the war in Iraq is a more important issue than abortion. [] Opinions Supported By Facts Richard Salbato 8-9-2007 We have the most important election in the history of the United States of American. This election reminds me of how the majority of Americans elected President Jimmy Carter. He was soft-spoken, Christian, against war, and promised peace. The results were that he destroyed Iran, Nicaragua, Argentina and Panama. Cuba expanded to many countries in South America and the stock market crashed. Interest rates for houses rose to over 20% and our Embassy in Iran was overtaken and hostages were held of over a