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What is the "Surest Way to Destroy America"?

Lawyer and author Scott Lively explains the USA ""HENHOUSE FULL OF FOXES": The surest way to destroy America’s world-blessing system of “ordered liberty” is to allow bad people to act with impunity. Impunity means exemption or immunity from punishment, harm, or loss. Impunity is doing whatever bad thing you want without suffering the consequences that would normally follow. It is “liberty” without order, which breeds anarchy, which produces social chaos, which has been the goal of every Marxist enemy we have ever faced from the time of Marxism’s emergence to today’s partnership of American Cultural Marxist elites with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Another way to describe “ordered liberty” is “the rule of law,” but not just the ruled-law of man, since that can be (and has been) corrupted by bad actors in the legislative process, but the true “Law of Nature and Nature’s God” invoked by America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence. “Ordered li

Social Constructs: Trans-Race Elizabeth Warren & Trans-President Biden

  Sex like race comes from a particular DNA unless you are a demented lunatic who has delusions that sex and race are a social construct such as most of the Woke Deep State Corporate elite like Elizabeth Warren who is a Trans-Native American. Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes said it best about Joe Biden's Trans-Presidency or fraudulent presidency: Robert Barnes @Barnes_Law   When Rutherford Hayes stole the Presidency in 1876, the people honored him with an apt moniker: His Fraudulency. Good title for @JoeBiden  []   That said, the great website Manhattan Contrarian asks the important question " If a Person Can Be Trans -Gender, Why Not Trans -Race?":   In the above video, Oli London describes their journey to identifying as a gender non-binary, trans-Korean person. On June 28, a newsletter from my favorite real-news source, Not the Bee, contained this article about Oli London.  London is a white British person who announced coming out as