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AP: Francis's own Special Argentinean McCarrick-like Bishop; lives at Pope's Santa Marta Residence & involved in Vatican Financial Corruption?

Associated Press (AP) confirmed today that Pope Francis brought to the Vatican a McCarrick-like Argentinean Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta for whom he "created" a completely unprecedented special "position... as 'assessor' of the Holy See's office of financial administration." Francis obviously considered the Argentinean bishop a very special part of his Vatican because: "The role of councilor [also called 'assessor' for Zanchetta] of this dicastery, the central body in the administration of the Vatican, is completely unprecedented" according to Wikipedia. (Wikipedia, "Gustavo Zanchetta") Unfortunately, as has been the case of some of the Pope's closest collaborators such as ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, AP reported that there are "allegations of sexual abuse" against Zanchetta. (AP, "Vatican: Argentine bishop at Holy See under investigation," January 4, 2019) The Spanish website Adoracion y Libe

Is the Francis China Deal as Heretical as Amoris Leatitia?

Pope Francis's Amoris Leatitia is heretical because it teachings the heresies of the supremacy of the conscience and situation ethics which leads to the betrayal of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament by sacrilegious communions. But, is Francis's China deal as heretical? The papal China deal has Francis cold-bloodedly and intentionally appointing Communist regime operatives as bishops who de facto endorse the Chinese two-child policy of murdering of the unborn babies. He is cold-bloodedly endorsing the murder of millions of unborn Chinese babies. Cardinal Joseph Zen before Christmas said: "China's underground Church... feels betrayed." All the martyrs and unborn babies in China as well as all faithful Catholics "feel betrayed." We all "feel betrayed" by: Francis and all those liberals, conservatives and traditionalists who are covering-up for him in his China deal and Amoris Leatitia heresies as well as those sex abused by his clos

Pope Francis's "Enemies List," the Enforcer O'Malley and Listees: Dolan, Finn & Pell?

Did Cardinal Sean O'Malley just turn in Cardinal Timothy Dolan for sex abuse cover-up because he is a really good guy or because he is Pope Francis's "enemies list" enforcer? Journalist Hillary White on May 7, 2015 for revealed that liberal Vatican expert John Allen suggested that there was a Francis “enemies list": "The suspicion that [Bishop Robert] Finn is the victim of an 'ideological purge' was put forward recently not by conservatives but by John Allen , the former star of NCR, now associate editor of Crux, the Catholic news magazine of the Boston Globe. Shortly after the close of the 2014 Synod, Allen wrote of the possibility that Finn was one member of an 'enemies list' held by Pope Francis , of those prominent prelates who would oppose a swing to the left in the Church." "These, Allen suggested, might include Finn; Paraguayan bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano, like Finn a member of Opus Dei; an