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Socci: Did Obama's Homo-Colonialism bring about the Overthrow of Benedict XVI & the Italian Government?

Antonio Socci in "The Secret of Benedict XVI" makes the case that the Barack Obama administration demonized Vladimir Putin calling him and Russia "homophobic" because he and his nation refused to "accept as its own" the Obama policy of imperialistic one-world homosexualization. (The Secret, age 21) Socci wrote that Pope Benedict XVI and the Italian government of Silvio Berlusconi were geopolitically allied with Putin's Russia against the Obama colonialism. "The Secret" says there was a "coordinated campaign of scandal" that led to the overthrowing of the Berlusconi government in 2011 and the "abdication of  Ratzinger on February 21, 2013... At the height of the crisis, Italy saw the doors of access to international financial markets progressively close" as the Vatican Bank "was temporarily cut out of the [financial] Swift circuit" just before the Benedict resignation. (The Secret, page 23) With the "

Does Policeman Bp. Barron want to start a "New Reign of Terror" against Social Media Catholics? & a Prayer Request

- Updated January 30, 2020 Policeman Bishop Robert Barron like Semi-Arians who supported the Arian heretics uses ambiguity and Catholic sounding "language" as a cloak for his "real sentiment" of promoting a soft "reign of terror" on those who reject the heretical Francis creed of Communion for adulterers and other errors. Barron is calling for the predator Theodore McCarrick created pro-gay American bishops to police non-heretical Catholics on social media. This policing call appears to want to mirror the Arian "reign of terror" on Catholics in the early Church.  F.A. Forbes in his book "St. Athanasius" on the Arian crisis wrote how the Arians and their allies the Semi-Arians policed Catholics in the early Church: "[A] new reign of terror began, in which all who refused to accept the Arian creed were treated as criminals." Now, it appears that Barron wants a "new reign of terror, in which all who refused to acc

When Chicken Littles Skojec & Moynihan cry "Schism" know we are Winning so Fight Harder

 The phrase "canary in the coal mine" is a metaphor of "any warning of serious danger to come." This means run and run fast out of the coal mine or whatever situation you're in because you are about to lose or be killed. One Peter Five's publisher Steve Skojec has become a "anti-canary in the coal mine" for me. In simple words, if Skojec says run it means to me: stay and fight. He said Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales, Cardinal Raymond Burke and the Open Letter were wrong in saying the Church can depose a heretical pope so run away from their teachings because they'll cause "schism." That told me to fight harder than ever. Skojec said Bishop René Gracida was wrong in presenting solid evidence of papal invalidity and calling for a Cardinal investigation into the validity of the Francis conclave and Benedict XVI resignation so run away from Gracida's teachings because they'll cause "schism." That

The Amazon Synod: The Nest of the Antichrist Please read our Original Proposal By James Larson Teilhardian Evolution and the Amazonian Synod: The Nest of the Antichrist “ You shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil ” (Gen 3:5) Introduction Teilhardian evolutionary theory, which is the dominant theology of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis (see our article The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with Thorns for irrefutable documentation in this regard), is rightly seen as the culmination of almost 2,000 years of Gnosticism eating away at the vital spirit of the Catholic Church. It is now poised for a quantum leap in its power of penetration into the heart of Catholic belief and worship through the scheduled October, 2019 Synod of Bishops, titled: Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology . The reality that Teilhardian evolutionary theology constitute