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Prayer to Heal USA

By Fr. John Hampsch, C.M.F. Prayer for “Heal Our Land” Heavenly Father, the world seems to be collapsing around us. While families struggle to keep their homes and feed their children, floods and tornados ravage our land; abortion is accepted and same-sex marriage is legal. Government and business leaders have chosen to walk in the ways of darkness; wars and fighting are tearing countries apart. Crime and violence dominate many towns and cities. Fear and trepidation grip our hearts; we don’t know where to turn. We have fallen from your grace; we have drifted so far from your protection. Many don’t even know your name. What must we do to find favor with you, O Lord, what must we do? If we humble ourselves, will you hear our prayer? If we repent and turn away from sin, will you listen to our plea? If we fall prostrate before you, if we fast and seek your face, will you then answer our prayer? O Lord, we are weak and afraid. But you O Lord, are our strength, you will defend us in battle;