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What the New & Improved Francis Sins might sound like in a Francis Confessional

The latest news from the Pachamama Amazon Synod is that it will vote on formally defining Francis ecological sins. I think their focus on only ecological sins is too narrow. They need to vote to bring everyone up to speed on all the new and improved Francis sins for the confessional. Here is what that new and improved confession at the Francis confessional might sound like: Bless me Father or Mother for I have sinned. It has been about three years since my last Francis confession. I feel so bad because I failed to postrate before the ecological pagan Pachamama idols in the Francis Vatican gardens. I allowed myself in enter into the near occasion of sin against the Francis dogma of global warming by viewing on the internet websites not controlled by the liberal establishment, I am so ashamed, then I fall into sin by reading independent scientists' evidence against Francis's prediction that climate change doomday is near. This caused me to fall into the sin of doubti

Five Myths of Why Bergogilio is Definitely the Pope

The Catholic Monitor is honored to post the following short piece by Helen M. Weir, MI. She is a excellent writer as well as a Knight of the Immaculata. This means she is a member of the Militia Immaculatae movement of Total Marian Consecration founded by Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the Hero of Auschwitz. Five myths of why Bergogilio is definitely the pope: 1.  Myth:  He is the pope because we've had corrupt popes before.  (Answer: Just because a man is corrupt doesn't make him the pope.) 2.  Myth:  He is the pope we deserve because of our infidelity.  (Answer: What we deserve doesn't make him the pope.) 3.  Myth:  He is the pope by God's will.  (Answer: God is not chaotic. He abides by His own rules.  If it was God's will for Bergoglio to be the pope, Bergoglio would have been validly elected.) 4.  Myth:  We have to accept him as pope until a future pope says otherwise.  (Answer: Cardinal Burke has stated there are real doubts as to the validit

Is Cd. Newman a Precursor of Modernism, Teilhard de Chardin and the Amazon Synod?

The Catholic Monitor is honored to post James Larson's examination of the problems with Cardinal John Henry Newman's philosophy and how these errors are precursors of Modernism, Teilhard de Chardin's "theology" and the Amazon Synod. In my opinion, he is one of the best Thomist scholars in America. " The epistemology of John Henry Newman is established upon a rejection of the abstractions and “universals” of the intellect as constituting “real” knowledge. It is also, therefore, constructed upon the rejection of abstract, dogmatic truth as the foundation of our spiritual vitality. It is, in other words, both the Gospel and Thomistic epistemology turned upside down ..."  "... Empiricism is in fact the root philosophical system from which is derived the scientific reductionism which we have explored in other articles. It is the prime cause of the retreat of modern Catholic philosophers and theologians from the metaphysics of St. Thomas, and it is

Pachamama Exhortation: Is Pachamama Idolatry okay if it's called "tak[ing] up an Indigenous Symbol"?

- Updated February 12, 2020 We had the Pachamama Synod. Do we now have the Pachamama exhortation? At the Amazon Synod, Francis said that the pagan Pachamama idols that were bowed down to had no "idolatrous intentions." It appears that Francis in his Amazon Synod exhortation Querida Amazonia section 79 doubled down that it is admissible to bow down to Pachamama idols if they are called "an indigenous symbol": "[It] is possible to take up an indigenous symbol in some way, without considering it as idolatry." This is like a Arian heretic saying: It is possible to say Jesus is man in some way, without considering it as heresy. It is aways important to take what someone is saying in the context of their "cosmic worldview" and their past use of ambiguous language. Is Pachamama idolatry okay if it's called "tak[ing] up an indigenous symbol"? In practice, Francis has explicitly shown everyone in October, with no apologi

1984 Big Brother Francis Vatican: "No Ritual" and "No Prostration took Place"

Today, reported: "At the October 25, Amazon Synod's presser, Paolo Ruffini... said, about the October 4 pagan ceremony in the Vatican gardens that there was "no ritual," and that "no prostration took place.'" "He even insisted that 'it was explained before' as if repeating counterfactual statements would create reality." (, "Vatican Denies Idol Liturgy Video Evidence," October 25, 2019) Here are some quotes from George Orwell's 1984 for all the remaining Francis apologists for the Francis Vatican pagan ritual which according to them was only a Santeria ritual because the obviously naked pagan idols were somehow sacrilegious nake images of the Virgin Mary: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." "Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." "Big Brother is watching you." (Age of-the- sage.or

Is One-World Government Francis attempting to the Steal the Amazon from Brazil?

Updated February 15, 2020 In section 5 of Querida Amazonia Francis apparently said the Amazon belonged him and the whole world: "[T]hat land [the Amazon] which is also 'ours.'" Is he implying that a one-world government should steal the Amazon from Brazil? Might Francis be the new Al Gore? Vatican News reported that doomsday global warming alarmist Al Gore "praised Pope Francis' encyclical, 'Laudato si'" saying it addressed the "climate crisis ahead of the [United Nations' global warming] Paris Agreement." (Vatican News, "Al Gore: Pope Francis a 'moral force' for solving climate crisis, July 4, 2018) The Week in a 2018 headline proclaimed "How Pope Francis became the new Al Gore." Francis in Laudato si (161) did become "the new Al Gore" doomsday global warming alarmist saying of climate warming: "Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with... disdain." It, also, appea

Does St. Paul Condemn Francis's Amazon Doc Author Suess for approving of "Communion with Devils"?

The key author of Francis's Amazon Synod's working document, Fr. Paulo Suess, apparently approves of "communion with devils" according to the Bible which is inerrant according to the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church. Today, LifeSiteNews quoted Suess saying: [S]o what. Even if it would have been a pagan rite [the Vatican indigenous ritual], then it is nevertheless a pagan worship of God." In 1 Corinthians 10:20, St. Paul apparently condemns Francis's Amazon Synod's document author Suess for approving of the indigenous shaman's prayer offerings to their pagan gods which are "demons... and not... God" which appears to lead to "communion with devils": "[T]he Gentiles [pagans] sacrifice [offering], they sacrifice [offer] to demons, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have communion with devils." In a sense, pagan prayer is a sacrifice of the will and intellect in worshipping demons so it should

The Choices: I am Cristeros, I am Pagan or I am Santeria

There are three choices for Catholics: The first is that of all faithful Catholics who stand in solidarity and support of the heroes called "Cristeros" who extracted the sacrilegious pagan idols in the Vatican and plummeted them into the Tiber River. All in solidarity with the heroes are now called "I am Cristeros."  All faithful Catholics are now joining the "#IamCristeros" movement which it appears was started by Deacon Nick Donnelly on Twitter when it was learned that officials who apparently are connected to the Vatican were attempting to capture and punish the heroes called the "Cristeros." Around the world, Catholics are who are in solidarity with the heroes are saying: "I am Cristeros." Come get I me. I did it. Viva Cristo Rey! The next choice is the sacrilege of saying worshipping pagan idols in the Vatican isn't against God's greatest commandment: "You shall have no other gods before me." The fi

Viva Bishop Gracida for Proclaiming: "Pachamama Drowned, As it Should be"

- Updated Bishop October 22  Rene Gracida alone among all the Catholic bishops of the entire world is defending God's greatest commandment: "You shall have no other gods before me." After the heroes who are called "Cristeros" extracted the sacrilegious pagan idols of Pachamama from the Santa Maria in Traspontina church in the Vatican and plummeted the idols into the Tiber River only one bishop in the entire world defended them. Bishop Gracida proclaimed on his website: "Pachamama drowned, as it should be." I can only proclaim and shout with my fist raised in salute: Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Los Cristeros! Viva #IamCristeros! Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe! Viva San Jose! Viva Obispo Gracida! Viva Cristo Rey! I raised my fist in salute with and to Los Cristeros, Bishop Gracida, all faithful Catholics and with the Catholic Resistance in solidarity, support, strength, defiance and resistance against those who dare go against Cristo

Is Cd. Sarah "[A]rguably... [a] Pure Here[tic]" or Under a Type of Cognitive Re-Definition Management Manipulation called Brainwashing?

Is this Cardinal Robert Sarah's new creed:  "The Francis Creed" ? "I believe in Francis and that it is infallible dogma that he is pope no matter what evidence shows that he violated the Pope John Paul II constitution that governed the validity or invalidity of the 2013 conclave. He suffered under Bishop Rene Gracida who classified the evidence that the constitution was violated and called the cardinals to investigate. He descended into the Vatican gay lobby. He ascended to the papal throne where he sits surrounded by the gay lobby cardinals from where he shall judge the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Ten Commandments and all the infallible Catholic teachings " "I believe in Amoris Laetitia, the Communion of adulterers, Francis's representation of globalist teachings which embodies the Soros gospel of unlimited mass immigration, climate change, a one-world government and the goddess Mother Earth everlasting." If this is Cardinal S