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Lawyer Robert Barnes: "Last Times a Country Rushed a Vaccine, then Forced Children to take it, [that] may have been the Origin of AIDS"

A few days ago, lawyer Robert Barnes tweeted that there may have been a "rushed... vaccine" after which came a forcing of "children to take it" that "may have been the origin of AIDS": Robert Barnes @barnes_law   One of the last times a country rushed a vaccine, then forced children to take it, may have been the origin of AIDS a few decades later, according to investigators. The history of rushed vaccines is, like the history of coronavirus vaccines, littered with disastrous results. 9:30 AM · Aug 5, 2021 · Twitter for Android [] Barnes is apparently referring to a "vaccine virus [that] was grown in tissue cultures taken from macaque monkeys before being administered to about a million people in Burundi, Rwanda, and what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo": In the late 1950s, several different groups of researchers were developing vaccines against polio, which at the time w

Are Francis & Exemption Refusing Mandate Bishops like Dolan LIABLE FOR EVERY SINGLE CATHOLIC who is Harmed by the Vaxx?

  The exemption refusing bishops are apparently mandating the abortion-tainted vaccine as represented by Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York in declaring that if a priest were to endorse someone's exemption and that person became infected then there could be some liability for the priest. [ ] By that logic, aren't Francis and all exemption refusing mandate bishops like Dolan personally liable for the damage to life and limb of EVERY SINGLE CATHOLIC ON THE PLANET who is forced to accepts a shot and is harmed by it, since he--overriding and contradicting Catholic teaching, and lacking appropriate medical qualifications himself--has said these injections are safe and even morally obligatory?   The bishops of Colorado unlike Francis and all the exemption refusing mandate bishops are not overriding and contradicting Catholic teaching on abortion-tainted vaccines as taught by Po