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Flashback: "Coming Victory Over Abortion"?

July 31, 2005 Below is a email I recieved from Steve Mosher. Please read it because it is important. I don't want to get into names, but there are some pro-life organizations which I wouldn't donate a penny. Steve's PRI is just the opposite, if you could only donate to one pro-life group that is the one. Fred Abortion may be legal in America, but more and more Americans are choosing life. This shift in attitude will have a positive demographic effect in the years ahead. As more and more Americans choose life, America is shifting towards the Culture of Life. Steven W. Mosher President The Coming Demographic Victory Pro-lifers may be on the defensive in the courtroom, but they are winning the battle of the cradle. The first person to point this out to me was Father Paul Marx. A family sociologist by training, Father had noticed in his travels around the United States that pro-lifers had larger families than the American average. I had observed the same thi

Are Francis Catholics like Mark Shea & Francis Pretending to be Pro-Life?

  The Remnant wrote that Mark Shea " used to pretend that he was pro-life on the abortion issue, but the pretense has worn increasingly thin in recent years.  Shea revels in expressing his detestation of the pro-life movement." [] Might Shea possibly be mirroring his beloved idol, Francis, in his "pretense"? Is there evidence that Francis might be pretending to be pro-life while supporting and possibly working with the pro-abortion globalist elite? An internationally respected investigator and attorney as well as the documented facts gives us the detailed answer below on whom Francis really may be working for: Francis on September 1, 2016 said he was "gratified that on September 2015 the nations of the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goals" which calls for universal access to abortion. Does this means that Fra