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Br. Bugnolo: Those with "Teaching[s] on what happens to Heretics" like Skojec including "Cardinals and Bishop" may be in "Heresy"

One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec apparently claims a manifest heretical pope can not as Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales says be "deprived" of "the Apostlic See" by the Church. Skojec appears to claim Francis's heretical papacy can't be judged by the Church in this present time in history. One of the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo recently stated that those with teachings like Skojec "on what happens to heretics" without mentioning his name including "Cardinals and Bishop" may be in "heresy": "We are left with repeated examples that defy explanation. Those Cardinals and Bishop who have the reputations for being the most conservative, who often speak in the defense of many truths, openly reject catholic teaching on what happens to heretics. To do such a thing is itself a heresy, because it is asserting that entire dogmatic and canonical tradition of the Ch

Why did Taylor Marshall Chicken Out in Questioning Bp. Schneider on the Bellarmine teaching on Heretical Popes Ceasing to be Pope?

- Updated March 2, 2020 On November 15, 2019, Taylor Marshall said "Bellarmine says when anyone is a manifest heretic even the pope he ceases to be a member of the Church and they can no longer hold their office " Why did Marshall chicken out in questioning Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Doctor of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine's teaching on heretic popes ceasing to be pope in his podcast with Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the 28th of February? On November 15, Marshall and the contributing editor of The American Spectator George Neumayr who is a best-selling author and former editor of the Catholic World Report apparently called on the Catholic cardinals to convene in order to judge if Francis is a "manifest heretic" which could mean he "self vacated the Chair of St. Peter" and is no longer the pope. In Marshall's popular YouTube channel the two declare what "should happen": "[Neumayr said Doctor of the Church St.] Robe

Why do some Traditionalists pretend John Paul II and Benedict are Total Relativists like Francis?

Fr. George Rutler in his 2017 Crisis article said Fr. Antonio Spadaro, and by implication Francis since both he and Spadaro are liberal Jesuits, "grew up in a theological atmosphere of... Transcendental Thomism [which] was Karl Rahner's attempt to wed Thomistic realism with Kantian idealism. Father Stanley Kaki, theologian and physicist, called this stillborn hybrid 'Aquikantianism.'" (Crisis, "The Mathematical Innovations of Father Spadaro," February 22, 2017) Both the liberal Jesuits: Spadaro and Francis it appears are total relativists, as are most Jesuits and all liberal theologians. Rahner's "Foundation of Theological Study: A Sourcebook" says: "The German Jesuit Karl Rahner (1904-1984) remains one of most influential theologians of the twentieth century." (Foundation of Theological Study: A Sourcebook,>books) Rahner was a disciple of Kant as Rutler said. Jaki, also, makes this clear in h

Is Francis a Nihilistic Total Relativist who doesn't believe in Truth?

The Catholic Thing wrote that "Francis made a startling claim" that appears to deny objective truth: "We must be careful not to fall into the temptation of making idols of certain abstract truths." [ ] Francis apparently got this terminology about " abstract truths"  from a Jesuit theologian Michael de Certeau who wrote: "In history everything begins with the gesture of setting aside, of putting together, of transforming certain classified objects... It exiles them from practice [praxis] in order to confer upon them the status of "abstract" objects of knowledge..." "... [T]he historical discipline... designate[s] the "that" as a "fact" is only a way of naming what cannot be understood ." ( Michael de Certeau's book: The Writing of History,  pages 72-73 and 84) De Certeau is a nihilist who Francis considers to "be the great

Flashback: Skojec Defends Barnhardt & Ferrara calls for "Demanding they Convene" an Imperfect Council

It was only three years ago that I used to love to read One Peter Fives' comment section. Here is a fun flashback when Steve Skojec actually defended Ann Barnhardt from Chris Ferrera and Ferrara called for an imperfect council: " Chris Ferrara: To declare that Francis is not the Pope... make[s] for good click bait..." "... Steve Skojec: "Ann writes things that certainly come across as sensationalist... This is who she is. I don't believe she ever publishes something she doesn't truly believe in. I don't think it's fair to call this clickbait... " ".... Chris Ferrera: "My only objection is any of us making final forensic determinations based on 'overwhelming evidence' and then announcing our verdict of one. It's a rather silly exercise." "Perhaps a better approach is to amass the evidence and send it to every cardinal, DEMANDING they convene [an imperfect council] and issue the kind of judgement Bell

Cd. Burke said "Follow... the Example of St. Athanasius: Please, follow your own Advice

Cardinal Raymond Burke told the National Catholic Register: "[F]ollow... the example of St. Athanasius." (National Catholic Register, "Cardinal Burke's 10 Ways to Overcome Crisis of Confusion, Division in the Church," August 8, 2017) Please, Cardinal Burke follow your own advice. St. Athanasius was excommunicated by the pope, in hiding for his life and called a "schismatic" "rebel" by all the bishops of the time except a handful of traditional bishops, but he despite this with every fiber of his body and soul fought for the traditional faith of the Fathers of the Church. You know, Cardinal Burke, the traditional teaching of the Doctors of the Church and the great theologians summed up by St. Francis de Sales: "The Pope... when he is explicitly a heretic... the Church must either deprive him or as some say declare him deprived of his Apostlic See." Please, Cardinal Burke follow your own advice: "[F]ollow... the e

Is Cardinal Burke Lying?

According to, the definition of the word "lying" as a noun is "the telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness," whereas as a adjective it means "telling or containing lies, deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false." It appears that Cardinal Raymond Burke may be lying in the sense of "telling... false statements." Only Burke can tells us if he is "deliberately [being] untruthful." Cardinal Burke in his recent interview with the New York Times the newspaper asked him to explain his implications of Francis possibly backing heresy in the Amazon Synod working document, stating: "You're effectively implying that the pope would be leading a schism?" Burke responded: "Yes." The Times then asked: "Isn't that a deep contradiction of how Catholics think about the office of the papacy?" Burke replied: "Of course. Exactly. It's a total contradiction. I pray that