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Biden is a Big Liar says the Evidence

The evidence is overwhelming that Biden's political career is packed with lies: - User Clip: Joe Biden Lies About His College & High School Record | [ ] - That Time Joe Biden Lied About His Academic Credentials – Mother Jones [ ] - 2 truths and 31 lies Joe Biden has told about his work in the Civil Rights Movement - Shaun King's Newsletter [] -  Biden Claimed He Was In Top Half Of Law Class [] - Joe Biden's 1988 presidential run doomed by plagiarism scandal - Business Insider [] - Why Biden's plagiarims shouldn't be forgotte

Mass: “No Human Tongue can Enumerate the Favors that Trace Back to the Sacrifice of the Mass... "

“No human tongue can enumerate the favors that trace back to the Sacrifice of the Mass. The sinner is reconciled with God; the just man becomes more upright; sins are wiped away; vices are uprooted; virtue and merit increases; and the devil’s schemes are frustrated.” -St. Lawrence Justinian Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   

Fr. Ripperger: The so-called COVID Pandemic is "Literally Brainwashing"

Scholar and exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger, P.hD., in his YouTube podcast "What is Fear and Confusion" explained that the so-called COVID pandemic is "literally brainwashing" because the media connects an unreasonable hysterical emotional fear of death with the coronavirus: "The cognitive [the power of the mind to associate] becomes habituated. So every time they  see that [COVID "Be safe" soundbite or image on the media] they have an automatic emotional response. This is called conditioning... This is exactly what is going on in television. They are literally brainwashing people." (19:34-21:08, Watch "What is Fear and Confusion ~ Fr. Ripperger" on YouTube: Fr. Ripperger shows that the media has brought about an unreasoning hysterical "fear" regime of Hell on earth by using television and other means to create "confusion" causing people to be easily manipulated and controlled. Pray an Our F

Was Pope John Paul II mislead by Vatican II Theologians "Fideistic" Gilson & de Lubac?

  - "... Gilson makes his own the position of Kant that existence is not a predicate... Gilson wrote...'Being,' Kant says 'is evidently not a predicate or a concept of  something that can be added to a thing'... What is the Thomististicity of Gilson's claim..."    "... [W]hat he [Gilson] is attributing to Thomas is not found in Thomas... 'No Thomist,' Gilson concedes, 'aiming to express it, should write that existence (esse) is not known by a concept.' Coming from a historian [Gilson] who has been so severe on other interpreters of Thomas [such as Cajetan and Garrigou-Lagrange], it is somewhat disarming to be told that 'historically speaking, our [Gilson's] formulas are inaccurate' and that he should have made clear that he was not using the language of Saint Thomas. " - Thomist Ralph McInerny, "praeambula fidei: Thomism and the God of the Philosophers" - "Father Wojtyla lived at the Bel

"Trump's Covid as a Major Positive"

Lawyer and minister Scott Lively, who has worked in the Black "Springfield, MA Inner-City Mission," sees "Trump's Covid as a Major Positive": Pro-Trumper Dr. Lively Explains Why President's Trump's Covid 19 Diagnosis is Likely a Very Good Thing for America There's no one better to defeat a panic-driven Dems Oct Surprise 2nd Wave than a President who's easily survived Covid using hydroxychloroquine Dr. Lively responds to yesterday's news that President Trump and First Lady Melania have contracted Covid 19 by predicting this will prove to be a very good thing for America. He assumes with a high level of confidence that both will quickly recover by using hydroxychloroquine and, as survivors, attain a level of personal authority on the efficacy of that drug and the lack of justification for the Dems October Surprise second lockdown -- which Dr. Lively and many others have predicted as the most likely tactic for influencing the ele

"It would be simple to Eliminate the Corruption" just "Eliminate" the "Old Guard," Parolin & Francis?

"[V]eteran Vatican watcher John Allen said in a report... that Parolin had discussed his concerns about the audit with Pope Francis and Francis had probably approved the [Secretariat of State employee] Becciu letter [that cancelled the Pell audit]." - Inside the Vatican   The Catholic Monitor wrote the following on July 22, 2019 which appeared to show that the corrupt Cardinal Angelo Becciu was a pawn of Cardinal Pietro Parolin and ultimately of Francis: Vatican expert Edward Pentin reported "nearly three years later questions raised by Cardinal [George] Pell... have seemingly gone unanswered. Pell had identified money laundering and fraud risks." The Vatican expert revealed in "2017, the first ever external audit [of Pell] of the Vatican's Price Waterhouse (PwC) was abruptly cancelled by the Secretariat of State [headed by Cardinal Pietro Parolin] just months after it started." According to Pentin, a informed Vatican source said:

Mass: "You cannot do anything to Glorify God more, nor Profit your Soul more"

“Know, O Christian, that the Mass is the holiest act of religion. You cannot do anything to glorify God more, nor profit your soul more, than by devoutly assisting at it, and assisting as often as possible.” -St. Peter Julian Eymard Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  

Nietzsche's Sex-Abuse Worldview vs. the Christian Worldview

Below is a brief correspondence I had with a reader: Mr. Martinez, I found your article online [ Sex-abuse Worldview Vs. Christian Worldview] , titled as above in the subject field. I was very interested in the subject matter you discussed, the moreso because I myself have been greatly influenced by Nietzschean ideas (this doesn't mean I'm passionately anti-christian; only that I tend to fall more on the side of Nietzsche's way of seeing things, as opposed to the way of traditional Christianity). I would like to begin a correspondence with you via email on this topic, as there were some areas you brought up which I wished to explore further. Some things I would like touch upon are, for instance, this whole notion of the degree to which Adler was influenced by Nietzsche. I realize that Adler's ideas on power dynamics were derived from Nietzsche's philosophy, but I'm not so sure about his ideas on self-actualization.  Granted, there's a definit

The Biden/Wallace Debating Team needs to Apologize for Slandering Proud Boys "International Chairman" Afro-Latino Enrique Tarrio

The Proud Boys came under the microscope after President Trump refused during Tuesday’s presidential debate to condemn them as white supremacists, saying, “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by,” prompting accusations that he was supporting virulent racists. Mr. Reilly said that about 10% to 20% of Proud Boys activists are people of color, a diverse racial composition that is “extremely well-known in law enforcement,” based on his research. - Black professor Wilfred Reilly in the Washington Times President Donald Trump did well in his debate with the Joe Biden/Democrat Chris Wallace debating team who together treated him contemptuously. The disgraceful Biden over and over again despicably name-called the president with invective insults such as "clown" and "racist" with Wallace at times mockingly

How could any Police Organizations support Silent Biden's Democrat BLM Riots & demands to Defund the Police?

Pro-Black Live Matters Joe Biden might have a problem getting normal non-leftist Americans to vote for him because he seems to backhandedly support BLM rioting and demands to defund the police In the debate, Biden was left silent and wordless was when President Donald Trump asked him to name one police law enforcement organization that supported his ticket's apparent backhanded support of violent Black Live Matters rioting and demands for defunding the police. The burning, looting and killing riots are not about George Floyd's killing. Both Floyd’s girlfriend and brother have said that he would have opposed them as they oppose the riots. The Black Live Matters riots are pure evil. Every sane person is against the killing of an unharmed man by a policeman and more so against mobs that are burning, killing and maiming blacks, minorities and whites in these riots against the wishes of the Floyd family.  If the riots are not about George Floyd's killing, what

Debate: "Strong" Trump vs. "Well Prepared," but "Weak" Biden

The best analysis of the debate was from the American Catholic which described Joe Biden "as well prepared," but " weak and defensive." President Donald Trump was "strong" which reflected in his approval by Latinos who like " strong leaders":  Biden was well prepared with canned responses, but visibly tired as the debate wore on.  Chris Wallace was a hapless moderator who seemed to think his main role was to protect Biden from Trump. Trump’s goal was to constantly be on the attack.  Mission accomplished. Biden came across weak and defensive. Trump came across as Trump.  Few converts made but stirred up the base. Trump scored on the economy and got Biden to admit that he is opposed to the Green New Deal.  That will hurt Biden among already suspicious Leftist voters.  Law enforcement was another winner for Trump.  Trump drew blood on Hunter Biden, and Biden simply has no defense. Biden drew blood on Trump’s taxes. Debate reaction is mixed, but

Newsweek: "66 Percent of Spanish-Speaking Americans in Telemundo Poll Think Trump Just Won the Debate"

It appears that the pro-Black Live Matters Joe Biden might have a problem getting Latinos to vote for him because he seems to backhandedly support BLM city rioting and demands to defund the police which deeply effects urban Hispanics.    The only time in the debate when Biden was left silent and wordless was when President Donald Trump asked him to name one police law enforcement organization that supported his ticket's apparent backhanded support of violent Black Live Matters rioting and demands for defunding the police. Newsweek reported that " 66 percent of [its Spanish-speaking] participants told Telemundo" that they " believed Trump won the debate" according to a poll: " While the question of who won Tuesday's presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden lies in the court of public opinion, Spanish-speaking viewers of Telemundo gave their support to Trump." "Both candidates

President Trump does well in Unexpected Debate with Chris Wallace

  "Some are questioning Chris Wallace's neutrality in the debate tonight. Many say he constantly interrupted Trump and refused to challenge Biden. But others are pointing to more obvious clues, like the giant foam finger he wore that read 'Biden 2020.'" []   President Donald Trump did well in his unexpected debate with Chris Wallace. It appears that Joe Biden, also, with what some people suspect was the assistance of an earphone did better than expected with the help of his debate partner Wallace.  It appears that the liberal media thinks that the Wallace/Biden debating team held their own against the president. Wallace's best line of the night was pretending that he wasn't debating Trump:   "'You're debating him, not me!' Chris Wallace caught in middle of Trump-Biden debate" [ https://]   The only time in th

Are Pro-Abortion Women for Biden just Evil or... ?

On August 18, the U.S. News headline was: "If Joe Biden Wins the Election, He’ll Have Women to Thank" The news outlet reported: "A separate poll commissioned by Fox News had similar results, with Biden winning 51% of female voters and Trump getting 39%. Again, men were divided – 46% to 46% – between the two candidates. Overall, Fox has Biden ahead with 49% of the vote, compared to 42% for the president." "Should those numbers hold, the 2020 election will mark the biggest gender gap in modern history, according to data compiled by the Center for the American Woman and Politics at Rutgers University. The previous record was set in 1996 and again in 2016, when the gender gap – the difference between how many women support the winning candidate compared to the losing candidate – was 11 percentage points." "In battleground states, the story is similar, and has implications for which party will control the U.S. Senate next year as well." [