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Marshall Fan: Does Canon Law "matter" to Ryan Grant & Taylor Marshall & are they "Pretending that the Canons were Fulfilled"?

An apparent fan of Catholic celebrity Dr. Taylor Marshall's YouTube show or Twitter account asked the following questions to him and in a sense to Latin language translator Ryan Grant who agrees with him: Does canon law "matter " to Grant and  Marshall and can they stop " pretending that the canons were fulfilled"? Grant who is not a canon law expert or a theologian on the Taylor Marshall YouTube channel joined Marshall in ignoring canon 332.2 and claimed ministerium and munus are a "metonym," that is a synonym or near synonym: "In Benedict, it is like you know, ministry, he is using, he is probably using it as a metonym and it is common to use one thing for the other." (Dr. Taylor Marshall YouTube channel, "Can Popes become Heretics? St. Robert Bellarmine Analysis, January 31, 2020, 147:17-147:24) On the show Grant said: "If I ever come out and say I am a theologian take me out to the wood shed and beat me." (144

Definitely Pope Conservative Francis hates Gay Activist vs. Definitely Pope Liberal Francis loves Gay Activist

There is a traditionalist and conservative Francis who hates gay activist Fr. James Martin, but on the other hand there is a liberal Francis who loves gay activist Martin. There is a traditionalist and conservative Francis who doesn't want women priests, but there is a liberal Francis who wants women priests. There are traditionalists, conservatives and liberals holding hands and skipping as they sing: Francis is definitely the pope so we forget about objective reality, Francis is definitely the pope so we forget about the principle of the law of non-contradiction, Francis is definitely the pope so it doesn't matter if he's a heretic or not or loves or hates gay activist priests and women priests, Francis is definitely the pope so we traditionalists, conservatives and liberals hold hands, sing and skip to our infallible dogma that Francis is definitely the pope whether he's a heretic or not, La, la, la... Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of th

The Catholic Monitor stands Corrected: Br. Bugnolo is not a "Canon Law Expert"

Yesterday, Br. Alexis Bugnolo stated: "Over at Catholic Monitor, Fred Martinez calls me a Canon Law Expert. I do not hold a degree in Canon Law, so I dispute the attribution." The Catholic Monitor and Fred Martinez stands corrected. That said, it needs to be explained why the Monitor called Bugnolo a canon law expert. On June 6, 2019, Br. Bugnolo asserted: "I am continually amazed that anyone in the English speaking world pays any attention to opinions of those who neither read Latin nor studied Canon Law, but are very willing to blog about their own ignorance and insist anyone who disagrees with them is crazy. In my book, it's such men who are loons." (Catholic Monitor, "5 Dubia Questions for 1P5's Steve Skojec," Comment section: Alexis Bugnolo 7:23 AM) The Monitor assumes that Bugnolo doesn't reject its assertion that he is a Latin language expert who has undertaken large translation projects and has produced a text book course

Is Timothy Gordon a better Scholar than Anti-Constitution Ryan Grant who writes for 1P5?

On December 27, 2019, in Twitter, author of "Catholic Republic" Timothy Gordon said: "Jefferson and Madison read Bellarmine." On the same day, on the same Twitter thread Ryan Grant responded to Gordon: "There is no evidence that either Madison or Jefferson read Bellarmine directly." Italilo-Americano confirmed Gordon's scholarship that Jefferson read Bellarmine: "In the Library of Congress may be found Thomas Jefferson's personal copy of Patriarcha, full of annotations on the democratic principles of Robert Bellarmine." (, "The Spiritual Father of the Declaration of Independence [St. Robert Bellarmine]," July 8, 2013) Taylor Marshall YouTube show guest and One Peter Five writer Grant believes that the U.S. Constitution should be "eviscerated" or gutted: "Ferrara does not argue that the entire constitution must be eviscerated (although I do personally, but that is neither here n

Is Francis's Closest Collaborator Maradiaga connected to the "Suspicious" more than $166 million Loan Request?

Today, Religious News Services reported that the Francis appointed second in command of the Secretariat of State Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra (which makes him the third most powerful man behind Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in the Vatican) made a "suspicious request" for a loan of more than $166 million from the Vatican Bank: "Parra apparently felt some urgency to... obtain more than $166 million for the purchase [of a London property]... The IOR [Vatican Bank] denied the loan... about the 'suspicious request.'" "... But the Secretariat of State eventually gained full control over the London property... using money derived from Peter's Pence..." "... The deal was signed, with Parra' blessing, by Perlasca [whose office and home was just raided by Vatican police]." (Religious News Services, Vatican police raid home, office of influential church official in investment inquiry," February 19, 2020) Why did Francis'

"Francis Purges" that are "Desired Jointly by Cardinal Parolin and Pope Francis," Raids and "Leaked Documents"

Today, Church Militant reported that Bishop Alberto Perlasca's office and residence was raided by Francis's Vatican. Perlasca was a Pope Benedict XVI Vatican appointment: Vatican investigators raided the office and residence of the investment manager of the Vatican Secretariat of State Tuesday morning and seized documents and computer equipment as part of its ongoing probe into the financial scandal involving the purchase of a London property worth $220 million.  According to a  press release  from the Vatican press office, the search was ordered by Promoter of Justice Gian Piero Milano and Deputy Alessandro Diddi on the premises of Msgr. Alberto Perlasca, former Head of Administrative Office of the First Section of the Secretariat of State. Perlasca headed the office responsible for managing Vatican investments and for overseeing the administration of the Peter's Pence fund. On July 26, Pope Francis appointed him Promoter of Justice at the Supreme Tribunal of the A

Canon Law Expert Br. Bugnolo: The First Step towards an Imperfect Council to Remove Francis

Canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo explains the first step towards an imperfect council to remove Francis is the following: "The first step, I think is that we get a group of clergy and scholars and notable laypeople or religious to sign on to calling an international Meeting of Bishops to hear the canonical arguments regarding the impeded Apostolic See, because all the biggest problems now are coming out of the Vatican and there is a facti species case for an invalid renunciation and an invalid election and a self deposed heretic." "The Conference after hearing the testimony would take a vote to call upon the entire College of Bishops as successors of the Apostles to convene an extraordinary emergency Synod to put the Vatican Back in Order and hand down canonical penalties for those who resist the norms of Canon Law. The Council would not be judging anyone as the pope, it would only be threatening with excommunication those who refused to keep the norm of Canon Law

Link to "Ryan Grant's Less-than-Stellar Latin Translations"

Here is Catholic Monitor's commenter  Charmaine 's link to "Ryan Grant's less-than-stellar Latin translations": "The fact that he plugs the Salza/Siscoe screed, which is so replete with spurious scholarship and sophistry -- as well as out and out fraud, speaks volumes about Mr. Grant's uncritical bias in matters that require rigorously critical judgment. For a man who knows Latin as well as he does, he cannot be easily excuses for his lack of attention in translation which one encounters from time to time; such as when he translated "manavit" as "remain", in a passage of De Romano Pontifice lib. iv cap. iii (and forgot to translate "fortasse" in the same passage); and in the interview linked by Brother Bugnolo, both Grant and Taylor Marshall mistranslate Bellarmine's expression "baptism of spirit" (baptismus flaminis) as "baptism of fl

Is AG Barr the next Media's KKKovington KKKatholic KKKids Mockery of Real News Item?

The Democrat impeachment was a remake of "Dumb and Dumber." It was funny and just kept getting funnier. Adam Schiff lied about what President Donald Trump said using lies from a hearsay "whistleblower" who he helped "whistleblow" which the real phone transcript make laughable. Nancy Pelosi lied that the Schiff lies were true on ABC no less and even leftist George Stephanopoulos calls out Pelosi for lying. It just kept getting more hilarious. When the remake of the movie "Dumb and Dumber" is made Pelosi and Schiff need to be cast in the leading roles. It seems that even some of the leftist fake news personalities such as Stephanopoulos aren't willing to ride their tricycles down this latest KKKovington KKKatholic KKKids road of mockery of real news. It appears that author and scholar Dr. Scott Lively thinks that Attorney General William Barr is the next target of the media's KKKovington KKKatholic KKKids road of mockery of rea

Does Taylor Marshall Show Guest 1P5 Writer Ryan Grant want to "Eviscerate" or Disembowel the US Constitution & Capitalism?

Does Taylor Marshall YouTube show guest Ryan Grant, who appears to be a distributist, want to "eviscerate" or disembowel the United States Constitution and capitalism? According to, the political meaning of eviscerate is the following: "[E]viscerate means to disembowel or deprive a thing of something essential to its survival." (, "What is meant by 'eviscerate the proletariat'" Grant, who writes for Steve Skojec's One Peter Five blog, in the comment section of his book review of Chris Ferrera's book "Liberty the God that Failed" for the online Distributist wrote: "Ferrera does not argue that the entire [U.S.] constitution must be eviscerated [disemboweled] (although I do personally, but that is neither here nor there), he simply argues... acknowledge Christ the King, and... Divine positive law and natural law." (Distributist, "Liberty the God that Failed Part 1, by Ryan Grant ) From t

Why is Skojec pulling a Wuerl-like "I have no Recollection" about throwing the Faithful Media under the Bus?

Cardinal Donald Wuerl said he "forgot" he knew about sex abuse accusations against Theodore McCarrick. Might One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec be pulling a Wuerl-like I "forgot" in apparently saying Crisis magazine editor Michael Warren Davis is possibly lying or has Skojec "forgot" that he threw the faithful media under the bus? On Tweeter, Skojec said: "I quote here Crisis editor Michael Warren Davis, who has never been anything but cordial to me in our exchanges..." '... Steve Skojek... recently pointed out, much of the right-wing media earns its bread by relentlessly trashing the Vicar of Christ...' "... I have no recollection of such a statement." Is Davis possibly lying or is he telling the truth or has Skojec as Wuerl claims to have done "forgot" what he said in his "cordial... exchanges" with Davis? Why is Skojec whose typical tactic is name-calling being so diplomatic with someone

Is Non-Theologian Ryan Grant's so-called Expertise in Latin Translation "Worthless"?

How good a Latin language translator is Ryan Grant compared to Latin language scholar Br. Alexis Bugnolo? The renowned Latin language expert Br. Bugnolo was the editor of the Franciscan Archive as publisher, project coordinator and translator of Bonaventure and Lombard. If one googles Br. Alexis Bugnolo and, one finds Bugnolo's name as well as translations mentioned over and over again in footnotes and text. Grant writes for Steve Skojec's One Peter Five and according to that blog's biography of him his Latin language scholarly background is: "Ryan Grant... taught Latin for seven years." (One Peter Five, "Author: Ryan Grant") The Latin teacher is not a theologian or a canon law expert. The apparent only reason any one should even bother to listen to him is because he has done some Latin translations of St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Alphonsus. Here is renowned Latin language expert Br. Bugnolo's accessment of one of Ryan'