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Pro-Porn Netflix is Anti-EWTN: Go to Pius Media the Catholic DVD Rental Company

How come EWTN documentaries never make it to netflics?.. the only one i've seen on netflics that has been aired on ewtn is "into silence", it would be REALLY COOL to see the documentaries i see on EWTN on a secular video service. almost 85%(maybe more) of these documentaries are about pot smoking, sex, how evil the Church is, anti-God, alternative lifestyles, history channel's vision of Christian history and anti-government, and that's not mentioning the movies, is there any way that we can petition EWTN or NETFLICS to show good Christian(Catholic) films and documentaries like the Vatican approved shroud of Turin documentary, or the "river of light" wich i really enjoyed? I think this is another way we can reach people who don't get EWTN or go to Church or are misguided by protestant Neo-chritianity, or been thought unreal history of the world and its Church. What do you guys think? --------------------------------------------------------------------