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What do Al Franken and VOTF have in Common?

By Fred Martinez “[Radio host Al] Franken also imitated a priest giving Communion, saying "Body of Christ" when an imagined pedophile priest was in line but "not for you" when pro-choice politicians came up,” according to Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News. [] This Franken mockery of the Eucharist on Air America radio proves he is an idiot and possibly an anti-Catholic bigot. This ridicule reminds one of the Nazi propaganda that mocked the most sacred religious Jewish customs. The Jewish religion holds God’s very name in the highest respect and reverence. The radio host, who claims to be Jewish, in the introduction of his new book Lies And the Lying Liars has a disrespectful mock conservation with the Holy One of the Old Testament. Here‘s an sample Franken‘s mockery:“’TOTAL BULL____,’ God said. ’ START BY ATTACKING THEM. HE’S [former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg who wrote a book about liberal bia

What is the San Francisco VOTF’s Real Agenda?

By Fred Martinez The pro-gay San Francisco Chronicle recently printed an article about a controversial “Catholic” organization including an email address and phone number on how to get in contact with the group, which the newspaper described as not being “fringe.” The group is Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) that is opposed nationally by Faithful Voice. Spokeswoman for Faithful Voice, Carol McKinley claims the organization is “profoundly” deceptive. “VOTF is controversial as a result of the profound deception of the individuals in leadership and teaching positions. While they deny their affiliation with Call to Action, VOTF's founding members Jan Leary, Fr. Walter Cuenin and others are keynote speakers at the Spring Call to Action Conference, right along with Joanna Manning of "Catholics for Free Choice", an abortion advocacy group,” McKinley said. “In VOTFs meetings with the Bishops, they purport they are "centrist" on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. B

Do Typos Mean More to VOTF Fanatics than Facts?

So typos mean more to you than facts. I assume you mean McBrien supporting VOTF and the gay agenda is only guilt by association. Would VOTF’s Priest of Integrity Thomas Doyle’s gay spin convince you. (Please read below.)Father forgiven them for they know not what they do. I'll pray for you. God bless you, Fred In a message dated 6/2/2006 7:08:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, JCGCONNIFF writes: A friend sent your sloppy attempt to smear VOTF by identifying it with the long campaign by homosexuals to take over everything from most federal research money FOR its signature diseases, to the Catholic Church. You will manage to persuade nobody by dragging McBrien in, as well. If you don't even know the medium is The Tidings, and not Tiding or the Tiding, what else is it you don't know in pushing your own cutesy little anything but hidden agenda? The Sex Abuse Lobby, the Bishops and VOTF Fred Martinez On Aug. 21, the Washington Times reported that the U.S. Catholic Bishops' sex abu