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New SATANIC movie & how to fight it

From: "Robert Ritchie - America Needs Fatima" Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:02:59 -0600 Legion - a new movie of despair and blasphemy that contradicts Our Lady's Fatima message of hope January 19, 2010 Dear Erlinda Carino, On January 22, Sony will release the f a n t a s y Apocalypse thriller Legion in theaters nationwide. A f i l m that Mocks the Faith and Leads to Despair And it challenges God in these 5 important points: 1) Everything is upside down: St. Michael the Archangel is the rebel angel 2) God has lost faith in men! The world is lost! 3) Blasphemous absurdity: St. Michael/Rebel Angel/S a t a n comes to save a waitress pregnant with the ... "Messias" 4) Insult to Our Lady's purity: actress says Virgin Mary is not a virgin 5) Religion is "crazy." The most fundamental truths of our Faith, such as God's justice, mercy, his infinite perfection and the Incarnation of the Word are shown in a crazy light. For a list of the dangers and erro