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Fatima: Do New Colored Lights in the European Night Sky Foretell War Due to Sin? This story is linked to prominently today on the Drudge Report, so perhaps you've already seen these pictures of unusual and inexplicable columns of colored lights in the European night sky. But I just want to add that this phenomenon of strange lights in the sky is unsettlingly reminiscent of what the Blessed Virgin Mary promised to the three children at Fatima in 1917: namely, that when the world saw a "great light" in the sky, a terrible war would soon commence. This startling phenomenon was observed across Europe on January 25th, 1938. The war started the following year, and tens of millions perished. Just . . . something . . . to . . . think . . . about. Our Lady of Fatima said: "You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. It is to save them that God wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If you do what I tell you, many souls will be saved,

Co-Creator of the Pill Laments Resulting Demographic "Horror Scenario"

Co-Creator of the Pill Laments Resulting Demographic "Horror Scenario" By Kathleen Gilbert VIENNA, January 8, 2009 ( - An Austrian chemist who helped spearhead the creation of the earliest contraceptive pill has expressed dismay at the severance of sexuality and reproduction made possible by widespread use of the pill, and has warned against the impending demographic disaster from plummeting birth rates. Carl Djerassi wrote of his concern in a commentary appearing in the December issue of Austria's Der Standard, where he described couples who regularly contracept as "wanting to enjoy their schnitzels while leaving the rest of the world to get on with it." Djerassi, who is a chemist, novelist, and playwright, is best known for helping create the synthetic hormone progestin norethindrone in 1951, together with Mexican Luis E. Miramontes and Hungarian George Rosenkranz. The far more potent syn

Al Franken's Funny Business Exposed

From: "" Add sender to Contacts Al Franken's Funny Business Exposed By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann As John F. Kennedy once said, "sometimes partisanship demands too much." Watching Al Franken and the Democrats steal this election, vote by vote, is a horrific sight that makes a mockery of the electoral process, the fundamental element in our democracy. If this travesty is allowed to stand, it essentially means that any close election constitutes an open invitation to steal the victory. We must not allow the Minnesota Democrats to get away with this election heist. The Republican National Lawyers Association is litigating the issue and needs all the support they can get to fund their court case. You can help stop Al Franken by supporting the Republican National Lawyers Association fight — Go Here Now. Those who want the recount actually want to count ballots in 25 precincts — that would bring the total number of votes cast higher than the actual num

Plot Against "Team Sarah" Network Exposed

Palin Weighs in on Media Slander against Her Family By Kathleen Gilbert WASILLA, Alaska, January 9, 2009 ( - Though Sarah Palin has reportedly declined hordes of journalists requesting interviews, the Alaskan governor opened the door of her home to freelance documentarian John Ziegler when he asked for her opinion on media bias in the 2008 elections. Ziegler has released some footage of the Wasilla interview, which will appear in an extended version in his upcoming documentary, "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected." In the video, Palin reveals her attempts to rectify falsehoods perpetuated by a recalcitrant media, and her particular dismay at slurs aimed at her family. "Quite absurd was my interpretation of what was being said," said Palin, adding that she is "frustrated" that the false rumor that she is not the real mother of her infant son Trig perpetuates even to this day. "When did we start accepting as hard news sources blo


From: NOVENA TO STOP FOCA If you are apposed to abortion then there is bad news on the horizon. For those of you who do not know, the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is set to be signed if congress passes it on January 21-22 of 2009. The FOCA is the next sick chapter in the book of abortion. If made a law then all limitations on abortion will be lifted which will result in the following: 1) All hospitals, including Catholic hospitals will be required to perform abortions upon request. If this happens Bishops vow to close down all Catholic hospitals, more then 30% of all hospitals in the United States . 2) Partial birth abortions would be legal and have no limitations. 3) All U.S. tax payers would be funding abortions. 4) Parental notification will no longer be required. 5) The number of abortions will increase by a minimum of 100,000 annually. Perhaps most importantly the government will now have control in the issu