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Was Pope Benedict at War with Francis and his Teachers, the Liberal Theorists, & their Ally Islam?

Updated January 22, 2020 Are all Catholics and all persons who believe in reason and transcendent truths such as Pope Benedict XVI at a war with liberal theorists of whom Francis appears to be a disciple and their ally Islam? English professor Louis Markos in his book Lewis Agonistes  shows that Nominalist liberal theorists of whom Francis is apparently a disciple and Nominalist Islam are at war with reason and analogy in knowing God. Their denial of philosophic Thomistic Analogical Realism which underpins the infallible Catholic doctrines as well as traditional art and literature with transcendent truths which is conveyed in material images reveals that they are Nominalistic Modernists. Markos says liberals of the Enlightenment mind set believed only in materially observable “facts” and denied the existence of “transcendent truths in material images” be it philosophy, art, literature or God. Postmodernist liberals such Michael de Certeau who Francis called the "greates

Outlines for sex education

SACRED CONGREGATION FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE IN HUMAN LOVE Outlines for sex education INTRODUCTION 1. The harmonious development of the human person progressively reveals in each of us the image of a child of God. " True education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal ".(1) Treating christian education, Vatican Council II drew attention to the necessity of offering " a positive and prudent sex education " to children and youth.(2) The Congregation for Catholic Education, within the sphere of its competence, considers it proper to make its contribution for the application of the Conciliar Declarations, as some Episcopal Conferences have done already. 2. This document, drawn up with the help of educational experts and submitted to wide consultation, sets itself a precise objective: to examine the pedagogic aspect of sex education, indicating appropriate guidelines for the integral formation of a christian, acco

Pope Francis's Psychology of the Denial of Sin & its Consequences

-Updated September 8, 2017- This is a brief history of therapeutic psychology which appears to be a major part of Pope Francis's basic assumptions and starting points in life. These therapeutic assumptions and starting points have supplanted the faith in many dioceses and fuelled sexual deviancy and clerical abuse. In a new book, Francis said he went to therapy with a psychoanalyst to "clarify some things." The Pope, also, revealed to the French sociologist author Dominique Wolton his views on objective morality: "Morality is... a consequence of faith, for us Catholics. And for others, morality is the consequence of an encounter with an ideal, or with God, or with oneself." -"The temptation is always the uniformity of rules." -"Whenever I run into a rigid person, especially if young. I tell myself that he's sick. Francis appears to be saying what Nietzsche and therapeutic psychology say: It's not a matter of sin and mak

Why Europe is Dying and Why the US is Next?

Please read Paul Cameron's letter below to see why as the US continues along the Gay agenda we are not far behind Europe. Fred Traditionally, good citizens did three things:1) produced more stuff than they consumed.2) obeyed laws and customs.3) raised children in marriage. An ever-growing fraction of citizens are choosing not to have children, thereby ‘leaching’ off the efforts of those who do. Among this fraction, homosexuals stand out. Winning social approval in spite their sexual activity, they gain an important exemption – they don’t have to do the hard work of producing and raising children because they just don’t feel like it . They would rather follow their sexual desires, or pursue alternatives open to the unencumbered. Homosexuals participate in and reinforce the notion that sexuality is primarily, if not exclusively, recreational. They exemplify the ‘childless by choice,’ and as such, constitute both an index and a cause of childlessness. An index because the proporti

"At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God"

"At the End of My Life What Would I Want to Give God" Father John Joseph Halloran is a retired priest living in Santa Clara. He presently helps at parishes as well as visiting the sick and dying in the Bay Area. Q. What made you decide to become a priest? A. It started with thinking about it in high school because of the gratitude I had to God for my family and faith. The thoughts came that we have a certain number of years to live and at the end of my life what would I want to give God. I often thought of careers in engineering and other fields. But in the end of my life -- not in a morbid way -- what would be the most satisfying life. It came to me that the most satisfying life would be the service of God as a priest. After consulting priests, I decided to enter the seminary after high school. Entering the Mater Dolorosa Seminary in Hillsdale, Illinois in 1940, I was ordained in Chicago in 1948. Most of my priesthood has been as diocesan priest. I've been a priest for 5