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Catholic Secrets for a Happy Marriage

Habits for a Happy Marriage RICHARD FITZGIBBONS, M.D. In my 34 years of working with Catholic couples, I have observed seven major conflicts that create severe marital stress. The good news is that these weaknesses can be overcome. The sacrament of marriage is a fulfilling and challenging vocation that requires cheerful, self-giving love and sacrifice. An understanding of this call to self-giving, its support from the Lord's love, the weaknesses that can interfere with marital love, and their resolution is vital for the health of Catholic marriages. Before he became pope, John Paul II wrote a book titled Love and Responsibility, in which he presented the importance of self-gift in marital friendship and betrothed love. He said in this kind of love – which includes, but is more than, sexual intimacy – the spouse surrenders him or herself to the other so that one no longer thinks primarily of "me" but of "we." This oneness and flow of love between

Gerard van den Aardweg Ph D says:Gay "Method Used in Nazi Germany Before the War Against Scientists"

1. Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons says: May 28, 2012 at 1:52 pm It is important for readers who are “on the fence” regarding this contentious issue of same-sex attractions (SSA) and marriage marriage to understand Dr. Robert Spitzer’s recent repudiation of his own research on recovery from SSA. I have read the news articles about Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation of his work on “reparative therapy” and I have read his 2003 article on this subject. If you read his article you will be aghast at Dr. Spitzer’s repudiation which is based entirely on politics and flies in the face of what it means to honor science as a truth-seeking endeavor. I say this because there is nothing—nothing—wrong with the science that Dr. Spitzer reports in that article. He used accepted scientific methodology in his study by asking 200 people a series of what is known as “objective” or “standard” questions. By this I mean that each person received the same set of questions without probing and follow-up by Dr. Spitzer (thus

I Trust Steven Ertelt of LifeNews and Will Vote for Romney

Many long time pro-lifers such as Dale Alquist of EWTN, Lesfemmes and I have our problems with Mitt’s speaking with fork tongue . For example on Aug 28 Jed LewisonFollow for Daily Kos wrote: That's not true—Romney was against all abortion until last Monday, when he decided to support abortion in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman's life was in danger. But he didn't support abortion in cases "merely" involving health—that exception was entirely new. Never fear, though, Greg Sargent reports Romneyland has already walked that back. But there is no shift, Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul tells me. She emails: “Gov. Romney’s position is clear: he opposes abortion except for cases of rape, incest and where the life of the mother is threatened.” That means no health exception. I wrote to Steven Ertelt of LifeNews: “ It appears to me that many pro-lifer are saying Obama is really bad so vote for Romney because he is a bit better and will defeat our

If Romney is for Abortion on Demand, Why Vote for Him?

If Romney is for Abortion on Demand, Why Vote for Him? I said I will not vote for Mitt. But, Obama is so in your face about making the USA an abortion/anti-family state that I’m having second thoughts. Is it better to have the enemy in front of you? Will Romney's create a liberal paradigm shift in the Republican Party not just for homosexual “special rights”, but also for abortion on demand that will never be reversed in that Party. Lesfemmes wrote: Did you hear what [Romney] said? Abortion for rape and incest and "health and life of the mother." That is Roe v. Wade and it equals abortion on demand. In Doe v. Bolton, the companion decision, the court defined the woman's "health" to include physical health, mental health, the woman's family situation, and her age. To sum up, it was abortion in the first three months for no reason; abortion in the last six for any reason. Unborn babies are just so much trash to both presidential candidates.