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2017 Flashback: What is Francis's Strategy for his Gay Mafia Agenda?

  Francis strolls hand in hand with the anti-gangster and gay rights advocate Fr. Luigi Ciotti. April 18, 2017  -Updated September 4, 2017- On September 1, Crux reported that Francis said: "Let's call unions between the same sex 'civil unions.'" (Crux, "'I consulted a psychoanalyst,' Pope Francis reveals in new book," September 1, 2017) The gay/lesbian dissenting New Ways Ministry said: "Pope Francis has never, as pontiff, stated his endorsement of civil unions so flatly. (He did support civil unions as a compromise to his opposition towards marriage equality... As pontiff, he did make a ambiguous statement about civil unions...)." (New Way Ministry Bondings 2.0 Blog, "Pope Francis Allows for Civil Unions for Lesbian and Gay Couples," September 2, 2017) The gay movement New Way Ministry endorsed Francis's apparent endorsement of the civil unions of cohabiting homosexual couples. On June 3, 2003 the then