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The Holy Father is under attack by radical Muslims and secular media

The Holy Father is under attack by radical Muslims and secular media Pray the Rosary for him and Catholics around the world The reaction to Pope Benedict XVI’s lecture at the University of Regenburg seems to be spinning out of control. The Pope and the Church are under attack. Prayer is needed for both the Holy Father and Catholics around the world. Please turn to the Holy Rosary and appeal for the intercession of our Blessed Mother, someone who is revered by Catholics and Muslims alike. It is also important for you to know what the Holy Father actually said. Knowing this will help you support the real meaning of his message with friends and neighbors, on radio talk shows and through letters to the editor. As you will see below, the lecture was given with respect for all people and faiths and defended what is sacred to both Muslims and Christians, respect for the divine. Ironically, his whole lecture was focused the need for reason for effective dialogue between cultures and religio

Why did Pope Benedict Fire-up the Muslims?

Why did Pope Benedict Fire-up the Muslims? With Muslims firebombing and shooting bullet holes through Christian churches in West Bank,An Italian nun also was gunned down in a Somali, and an Iraqi insurgent group threatening to bomb the Vatican with a suicide attack, why isn’t the Pope Benedict backing down? The Pope is being pressured by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of the world's 200 million Orthodox Christians, to back down. But on Saturday Sept.16, the Associated Press said: “Pope Benedict XVI ‘sincerely regrets’ offending Muslims with his reference to an obscure medieval text that characterizes some of the teachings of Islam's founder as ‘evil and inhuman,’The Vatican said Saturday. But the statement stopped short of the apology demanded by Islamic leaders around the globe, and anger among Muslims remained intense.” On Sunday Sept. 17, AP reported that the Pope said "he was 'deeply sorry' about the angry reaction to his recent remarks