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Neocon Obama & Obama Mama linked to CIA?

The first article is from a sincere leftist and the next two are from generally reliable sources. Who knows? Fred Barack Obama is a Neocon in Disguise uploaded by chet July 31, 2007 The 2004 Democratic National Convention was most remembered for a young, energetic senator the likes of the American people had not seen since Bobby Kennedy. With his DNC presentation, Barack Obama was launched into the national spotlight, lauded for his populist-themed speech that became universally described as “articulate”. More importantly, Obama was bringing a new style of rhetoric to the political table that ultimately set the stage for the 2006 elections and his current presidential campaign. Anyone unsure of his political record was still aware of his staunch criticism of the Iraq War. From this national appearance he filled a political void by connecting with the growing anti-Iraq-war movement. But in more recent speeches, Obama has clar

Rejection of the Fatherhood of God

"Rejection of the Fatherhood of God by the vast majority of mankind inevitably has set in motion a chain reaction of consequences affecting fatherhood under every aspect that we have considered here. The notion of fatherhood in many families, for example, has been reduced to a biological fact. And the role of the father as the head of the family has completely gone out of style...the disintegration of the family inexorably and inevitably is leading to the disintegration of society itself....But the spirit of anti-fatherhood has entered even the Catholic Church. Recognition of the fatherhood of the Vicar of Christ...has eroded to an alarming degree...the role of priestly fatherhood is now coveted by women, seeking to escape the noble destiny which God has prepared for their sex, but which nevertheless they are taught to regard as drudgery. (pp.40-41)" The Dance of the Sun October 13 marks the anniversary of the fi