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Did 1P5's New Head, Eric Sammons, "Abusive[ly] Fling... Devil-words like 'Heresy' and 'Schism'" & use Inane Straw Man Arguments?

The Magisterium does not teach the name of the pope. No one commits schism or heresy by holding a minority opinion on the identity of the pope. It's time to call out the Mottramists on their abusive flinging of devil-words like "heresy" and "schism." - Catholic commenter Fr. VF [  ] In 2019, it appears the new head of One Peter Five, Eric Sammons, was implicitly accusing the Catholic resistance who question Francis's validly of schism: Eric Sammons @EricRSammons · Dec 27, 2019 Both heresy *and* schism are grave sins against the faith. The ardent supporters of Pope Francis often take heresy too lightly. The ardent critics of Pope Francis often take schism too lightly. It’s a difficult balancing act, but Catholics must do all they can to avoid both. [ ] Latinist Br. Alexis Bugnolo responding wrote: Sammons al

"I want to ask Mr. Sammon if he unlike the Former Head of 1P5 is going to allow a Free Forum for True Debate on his Website"

It appears that Steve Skojec's collaborator Eric Sammons has taken over the One Peter Five website. First, I'd like to wish Mr. Skojec and his family the best. Next, it might be good to present what I wrote to a well known blogger about my experiences with Skojec which mirrored his own dealings with him: "Also, like you, I was friendly with Skojec then when I tried respectfully to argue ideas and facts with him on Francis, he started mocking me and others I respected. I pray for him a lot, but hit him accurately and hard when he puts his foot in his mouth and allows me to make important points." I want to ask Mr. Sammon if he unlike the former head of 1P5 is going to allow a free forum for true debate on his website. Moreover, the Catholic Monitor wants to ask him to answer the following dubia questions that Skojec ran away from:   1. Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales said ” The Pope… when he is explicitly a heretic… the Church must either deprive him or