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Is Francis the Hired Gun Bad Shepherd & Judas of the Chinese Catholic Flock?

"I would compare this evil deed of the Pope towards the Chinese Catholics to the kissing of Jesus by Judas." - Catholic Monitor commenter Jac Jesus is the Good Shepherd who gave his life for his flock. What is a bad shepherd like? He is a hired gun who will betray his sheep like Judas for money. Last year, Thomist scholar Dr. Taylor Marshall who heads the New Saint Thomas Institute in his YouTube channel said the Francis Vatican's biggest concern in 2020 is "money" because their money sources such as in the United States and other places are drying up. Marshall stated that the Francis deal with China which betrayed the Chinese Catholic underground Church is about "money": "They are worried they are going to lose all the money... [their] striking the deal with China is a way to get money from China." (Taylor, "When Pope Francis Slapped Woman's Hand: Predictions," 49:18- 49:50) Anyone who has studied the mur

Francis's Inner Circle is largely composed of the Gay Lobby and those who Covered-up for them & Sex Abuse

Taylor Marshall on YouTube in "Dr. Taylor Marshall ties together Vatican financial scandal with homosexual activity" summarized what lead to Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and Francis: If Archbishop Carlo Marie Vigano is telling the truth then it appears that the Vatican gay lobby apparently forced Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and it appears that Francis has "reinstated and promoted" all those who brought about the resignation. Marshall stated: "First of, Vigano blew the whistle on money laundering." "Two, the accusations of money laundering leads to the Vatileaks scandal." "Three, the Vatileaks scandal leads Benedict to form a secret investigation with three cardinals." "Four, those three cardinals expose moral rot, sexual deviancy, that is paired up with financial irregularity." "This is what moves the Pope to resignation. And just to make sure there is enough pressure on him to do it an