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New Anthanasius Seifert Fired for Exposing Amoris Error that God Wills Evil

Josef Seifert is a new St. Anthanasius who was fired by a Pope Francis Spanish Bishop who instituted the Argentina letter interpretation of Amoris Laetitia that allows adulterous Communions. Seifert was fired for clearly presenting with pure logic that AL says God wills intrinsic evil. This violation of the rights of the eminent scholar and friend of Pope John Paul II was done without offering any type of sound reasoning or argument. It was a pure totalitarian act. St. Anthanasius fought the the Arian and semi-Arian heretics. Are you going to be a new Anthanasius and fight for the eternal truths of the Catholic faith like Seifert and risk losing your job or risk being called names? Or are you going to be a semi-Arian like certain Catholic publications such as the World Catholic Report which recently started being wishy washy and is now attempting to defend Amoris Laetitia? Are you going to be a wishy washy semi-Arian trying to play both sides or a St. Anthanasius? It i