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How to Stop Pelosi/Reid's Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare after Scott Brown's Victory

"There are 23 of these conservative-leaning Democratic House members who voted for Pelosi's Obamacare back in November, which passed by just five votes, with 39 Democrats defecting to vote against the bill. All 23 of these congressmen who did vote for the Pelosi bill are extremely vulnerable. Opponents of Obamacare need to climb all over these 23 congressmen with TV ads and advocacy campaigns in their districts to get them to change their vote this time, to vote "no" to the Senate bill when it comes before the House. Voters need to say, "You voted for Obamacare the first time. But your district opposes it by 2 to 1. Now it is coming up for a vote again. Listen to your constituents and vote no. We don’t want Medicare cuts or premium increases or rationing of medical care. Don’t monkey with our healthcare. Vote no this time.” Since the House healthcare bill passed by five votes, much has happened and the political landscape has changed dramatically. The Massachuse