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Why 1P5's Skojec appears to be Wrong about Bp. Gracida's Legally Crafted Open Letter against Francis

Onepeterfive's Steve Skojec on May 7 apparently rejected Bishop René Gracida's call for the cardinals to judge if Francis's election to the papacy was valid calling the validity question itself a "potentially dangerous rabbit hole." (Onepeterfive, "Cardinal Eijk References End Times Prophecy in Intercommunion," May 7, 2018) At the time, Skojec referred back to his September 26, 2017 post where he said: "JPII has removed the election-nullifying consequences of simony... nowhere else in the following paragraphs is nullity of the election even implied." (Onepeterfive, "A Brief note on the Question of a Legally Valid Election," September 26, 2017) Bishop Gracida shows that Skojec is wrong in his legally crafted Open Letter quoting Pope John Paul II's Universi Dominici Gregis' introductory perambulary and paragraph 76: -"I further confirm, by my Apostlic authority, the duty of maintaining the strictest secrecy with

Why is the Child Porn Dark Web Monitoring the Catholic Monitor?

Today, Google analytics showed that the Catholic Monitor is getting it most pageviews not from the country of the United States, but from the Unknown Region. When one gets pageviews from the Unknown Region that means persons or organizations with big money are using Tor which gives users Web anonymity. Those involved in Web anonymity are part of what is called the Dark Web. Pro-gay Fr. James Martin's America said that the Dark Web was set up by "'the U.S. government for the good purpose'... to protect the privacy of political dissidents during the Arab Spring." (America, "Vatican conference focuses on dangers 'dark web' poses to children," October 2, 2017) As most informed people know the "Arab Spring" brought us ISIS and helped promote the unlimited mass immigration to Europe that Martin's America, Pope Francis and the pro-gay political alliances in Italy are pushing. The Dark Web is, also, known as "the badlands o

Francis's Death Penalty Heresy: More Abortions, Practical Atheism and the Seamless Garment

Pope John Paul II in a General Audience on April 1999 said: "The contemporary era has devastating forms of 'theoretical' and 'practical' atheism. Secularism... with its indifference to ultimate questions and... the transcendent." (>hf_jp_ii_ 14041999) Pope Francis's primary focus on only earthly human dignity which appears to be Kantian practical atheism could be a form of secularism that is "indifferent to ultimate questions and... the transcendent." The Pope rarely focuses on "ultimate questions and... the transcendent" such as heaven and hell as well as the Last Judgment, but almost always on non-ultimate/transcendent issues that tend to bring leftist pro-abortion politicians into power such as the death penalty, radical environmental issues, leftist economic policies and unlimited immigration. This form of secularism which uses "rights and dignity" language has brought about the Pope's "pro-l

Why is 1P5's Skojec either Ignoring or Ignorant of Bishop Gracida's "Meaningful" Effort to remove Francis?

On Monday, OnePeterFives' Steve Skojec said: "Francis is just doing his thing without any bishop contesting him in any meaningful way , and the walls are tumbling down in the city that we love, and the doctrines are being categorically contradicted." [ ] Skojec is wrong. There is one "bishop contesting him in... [a] meaningful way." Bishop Rene Henry Gracida explicitly said Amoris Laetitia is in error and to resist sacrilege Communions. On December 2, 2017, he became the only bishop to resist the Amoris Letitia sacrilege on his official website declaring Pope Francis is teaching error: "Francis' heterodoxy is now official. He has published his letter to the Argentina bishops in Acta Apostlica Series making those letters magisterial documents." Bishop Gracida send me this email after receiving

Lifesitenews, Pro-Gay Panels to Police the Pro-Gay Bishops Network and the "Homosexualization" of Catholic Media

LifeSiteNews is pushing the idea that lay panels should police the sex abuse of the pro-gay bishops network. Not a bad idea after the pro-gay bishops network is legally prosecuted from top to bottom and jailed for sex abuse or cover-up if found guilty which apparently might happen at least in part in Pennsylvania. On top of this, bishops such as McCarrick should no longer be called Archbishop or Father, but Mr. McCarrick. A crime against God calls for them to be removed from the clerical state. They must be laicized! After this then it's not a bad idea if the panels were made up of faithful Catholics who would help the legal authorities and not pro-gay journalists who promote sacrilege Communions. The problem is that Lifesitenews is not calling for legal prosecution of the pro-gay bishops network and promoting the lay panels by featuring the pro-gay editor of Aleteia Elizabeth Scalia who thinks Catholics in an unrepentant state of mortal sin can receive Communion. Do t

Seamless Garment Death Penalty Heresy is "'Cover' for... Legalized Abortion"

Is Pope Francis's teaching that the "death penalty is inadmissible" a heresy? Webster accurately says heresy is defined as: "Denial of a revealed truth by a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church." Webster's number one synonym for the word "denial" is "contradiction." Webster's definition of "inadmissible" is: "Not capable of being allowed or conceded." Stated unambiguously Francis is saying, the "death penalty is inadmissible or not allowed" which contradicts scripture as well as the "infallible and irreformable doctrine of the ordinary Magisterium of the Church." (, "Pope Francis and capital punishment," August 3, 2018) According to ethics Professor Joseph Bessette, Francis is contradicting the two immediate previous popes before him: "In 2004,...then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - the pope's own chief doctrinal officer, later to