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Lifesitenews, Pro-Gay Panels to Police the Pro-Gay Bishops Network and the "Homosexualization" of Catholic Media

LifeSiteNews is pushing the idea that lay panels should police the sex abuse of the pro-gay bishops network.

Not a bad idea after the pro-gay bishops network is legally prosecuted from top to bottom and jailed for sex abuse or cover-up if found guilty which apparently might happen at least in part in Pennsylvania.

On top of this, bishops such as McCarrick should no longer be called Archbishop or Father, but Mr. McCarrick. A crime against God calls for them to be removed from the clerical state.

They must be laicized!

After this then it's not a bad idea if the panels were made up of faithful Catholics who would help the legal authorities and not pro-gay journalists who promote sacrilege Communions.

The problem is that Lifesitenews is not calling for legal prosecution of the pro-gay bishops network and promoting the lay panels by featuring the pro-gay editor of Aleteia Elizabeth Scalia who thinks Catholics in an unrepentant state of mortal sin can receive Communion.

Do they realize that they are implicitly promoting the idea that McCarrick's pro-gay bishops network be policed by pro-gay lay panels made up of people like Scalia by promoting her?:

“Yes, there should be a panel– there should be panels in every diocese and every deanery, ready to look into serious allegations made against any representative of the Church,” said Elizabeth Scalia writing at her The Anchoress Blog.  “But with all due respect, sir, no, there ought not be a bishop residing on a single one of them.”

“There is an old Roman saying, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guards?)  In a sense that needs to be asked, now,” continued Scalia.  “The suggestion that the laity and the priests who trusted the bishops to do the right thing before — and have been amply burned for it — should just trust the bishops to do the right thing again would be farcical if it were not so insulting."[]”

She is right in saying it would be wrong to "trust the bishops to do the right thing," but it would, also, be wrong to trust pro-gay lay panels to police what is a homosexual bishop sex abuse scandal.

Pro-gay Scalia dishonestly said that we are all “intrinsically disordered” thereby using the seamless garment trick of making homosexuality equivalent to heterosexuality (as some say immigration is equivalent to murdering unborn babies) by purposely mixing up “intrinsically disordered” with original sin which everyone has.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in a 1986 letter on "Homosexual Persons" said "the inclination of the homosexual person is not a sin, it is a... intrinsic moral evil; and... must be seen as an objective disorder." If we are to take Scalia at her word then heterosexuality is a "intrinsic moral evil":

"We are told that the phrase “intrinsically disordered” is hurtful or hateful [to gays], and yet I find the words ironically healing; they give me precisely the hook into that transcendent understanding (and into notions of original sin and even idolatry) that I have been missing. Far from taking any offense at the idea that I am “intrinsically disordered,” I am actually consoled." []

The Lepanto Institute showed that Scalia thinks that persons in an "unrepentant state of mortal sin" can receive Communion which apparently could include sexually active homosexuals:

"In making her argument for presenting Holy Communion to Catholics in an unrepentant state of mortal sin, Ms. Scalia begins with the following argument:"

'Jesus, of course, cannot be defiled; nothing we do can defile Jesus, and he, naturally, can never ever be a source of defilement. Our hearts and minds—what we entertain within them and emit from them—are what pollute our souls.'

"In this first point, Ms. Scalia is suggesting that Jesus is not defiled by those receiving Holy Communion while in a state of mortal sin. This is exactly what St. Thomas Aquinas identified as objection 1 to the question." [Whether the sinner sins in receiving Christ’s body sacramentally?” []

Austin Ruse put it best on Scalia's support of homosexuality:

"Do you -Elizabeth[Scalia]... agree with [Fr. James] Martin that the Church teachings on homosexuality should be changed?... Do you welcome gays kissing during Holy Mass? Of course, you will not answer and will continue to insist it is only hatred and homophobia that inspires his critics."
(Crisis, "James Martin SJ Thinks you're a Nazi," September 29, 2017)

Scalia is the editor of the media website Aleteia which is one of the largest Catholic websites in the country and Martin is the editor of the Catholic magazine America.

In the early part of this century, the gay mafia took over the U.S. media. They appear to have taken over all liberal and many conservative U.S. Bishops and appear to be taking over the Catholic media.

On March 31, 2017, Lifesitenew in a article called "Numerous 'gay' affirming parishes unopposed by bishops in major U.S. dioceses," it was confirmed that the gay mafia is taking over many, maybe most dioceses.

The report showed that many American bishops were allowing parishes to have homosexual groups that opposed defined Church teaching.

The article said that leftist bishops and conservative bishops ranging from "McElroy of San Diego and Chaput of Philidelphia have expressed concern about the use of 'intrinsically disordered" which is the defined Church teaching of homosexuality.

Both bishops and Scalia are also defending gay activist Fr. James Martin who on YouTube taught that chastity is not required of homosexuals:

"For a teaching to be really authoritative," he said, "it is expected that it will be received by the people of God... The teaching that LGBT people must be celibate their entire lives," he continued "has not been received."
(Church Militant, "Father Martin: Homosexuals not Bound to Chastity," September 20, 2017)

Chaput, McElroy as well as many other bishops and Scalia in Catholic media are helping Martin build a bridge to hell by abetting his efforts to help these persons including those in the pro-gay bishops network to live in unconfessed moral sin.

These U.S. Bishops, editor Martin and editor Scalia are joining the media in a project that began early this century.

Is LifeSiteNews going to join Scalia's Aleteia in the "homosexualization" of the Catholic media by promoting her?

Is LifeSiteNews, next, going to interview McCarrick friend Fr. Martin on how to end the pro-gay bishops network sex abuse scandal since they are promoting one of his strongest defenders - Scalia?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


TLM said…
Raymond Arroyo is calling for a 'financial audit' of all U.S. Diocese by the same financial institution that Cardinal Pell used that were beginning to find fraudulent activity. Hmm...just look at what happened to Cardinal Pell! And the financial institution was discarded and the Vatican went back to their old ways.....almost immediately. This is tied in with the money, so that may not be a half bad idea.
TLM said…
One solution that some have that would NEVER work is asking Cardinals that are involved with cover ups and the like to 'resign'. One anonymous priest has been quoted as saying THAT would NEVER happen. They are NOT (he said) going to give up their power and status voluntarily. And you KNOW that Francis is not going to sanction them in any way.....after all he has his OWN skeletons in the closet back in Argentina. The priest who doesn't want to be named (as is wise at this point) said that they would have to find out very solid proof of wrongdoing before they would even think of 'resigning'. They'll have to be 'shoved out'. These men are ruthless, power hungry narcissists.
Aqua said…
Buggering children is a crime against God. Priests and Bishops who bugger children should be removed from their clerical state, immediately.

Buggering children is also a civil crime. They should be arrested by competent authority, tried, and if convicted sent to jail (hopefull) for life. There, they will see a community less tolerant of child buggering than the one they perhaps have been used to until now.

As a father of numerous children, my tolerance for this is over. I am pissed off at what they have done to kids very much like my own; my empathy cup for those kids and parents is quite full. Civility in the face of such heinous crimes is no longer appropriate.

Harish Kumar said…
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