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Betrayal: Trump turned into Hillary threatens World War III with Russia

In October, Trump said: "Hillary wants to start a shooting war in Syria, in conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia which could lead to World War III." Trump betrayed his campaign promise in bombing Syria because he heard Russian enemy Turkey's so-called unbiased report on who launched the chemical attack. (Info Wars) The President saw "unbiased" CNN narrative pictures on TV and believed Shajul Islam who was a "primary spokesman and source" for the chemical attack narrative. Islam had been jailed in the UK on charges of aiding ISIS. (Mahound's Many experts say that it could have been ISIS that launched the chemical attack not Syrian President Assad. They say Assad would have to be suidical to do it while ISSI had nothing to lose and everything gain by the attack. Syrian Catholic Bishop Khazen denounced the Trump bombing: "One thing that baffles, in the face of the U.S. military attack on Syria territory, is the speed wi

Change: Does Francis believe in Nothing & Eternal Death according to G. K. Chesterton?

- Updated December 4, 2020 The Vatican II school of the Nouvelle Theologie (New Theology) appears to be central in Francis's thinking. This theology emphasizes becoming over being. Francis says Cardinal Walter Kasper is "profound." The National Catholic Reporter called Kasper "the 'pope's [Francis's] theologian.'" His theology is one extreme example of this school of thought. Kasper appears to not believe in being, but only in becoming because of his Hegelian philosophy. The philosopher Thomas Stark said that one of Kasper's central beliefs is "historical process," that is man's historical becoming or change. Remember that Francis's two favorite words are process and change. In "German Idealism and Cardinal Kasper's Theological Project" for The Catholic World Report, Stark wrote: "Kasper's...'spirit' that--Kasper himself says--is not identical to the third divine person, but is