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Why is the "Conservative" Breitbart pushing Francis's Gay Activist Bishop's Agenda?

Why is the "conservative" Breitbart pushing the agenda of Francis appointed gay activist Archbishop Wilton Gregory against conservative and traditional Catholics? Might it by because the Brietbart Vatican columnist, the apparently pro-Francis Thomas Williams, was the longtime public face of the pro-Francis Legionaries of Christ founded by a gay pervert? The ex-priest Williams, who appears to be pro-Francis, defended and lived with the homosexual pervert Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado founder of Legionaries of Christ for "many years" according to Stumbling Block: "Throughout the early 2000s, Fr. Thomas Williams and his mistress’ mother and grandmother of his child, Mary Ann Glendon, worked in intimate cooperation to publicly assassinate the characters of any whistleblowers that tried to warn of and expose the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, who was a drug addict and bisexual incestuous pedophile.  Fr. Williams lived with

Is Amoris Laetitia's Unavoidable Logic that Unrepentant Homosexuals can receive Holy Communion?

Why is the Francis, who thinks a third rate thinkers such as the confused and almost unreadable Postmodernist Michael de Certeau is "the greatest theologian for today," promoting intrinsically evil acts? One possibility is because he was "mislead" into thinking Amoris Leatitia is "Thomist" and orthodox by the heretical scholar Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez and the "great theologian" Cardinal Christoph Schonborn. The other possibility, and in my opinion the most probable, is that the obviously above average intelligent Francis totally understands and agrees with his friend Archbishop Fernandez who is a heretical scholar. Latin American Catholic philosopher Carlos A. Casanova shows that dissenter Tony Mifsud and Archbishop Fernandez both of whom "irrationally" misuse Thomism are bedfellows following the lead of Fr. Bernard Haring in dissent from Catholic moral doctrine: "Mifsud... [i]n p.73 he quotes Bernard Haring hold

Why do 1P5 Skojec and Francis use Name-calling Propaganda?

I always find One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec's Tweets hilarious. He has refined the comic use of name-calling to a fine art. Anyone who knows the people who he name-calls knows the absurdity of his wildly unreasonable and ridiculous smears. But, he isn't doing it for its humorous effect and for my merriment. Although, I want thank him and his Tweets for lighting up many of my days with laughter. Sadly, Skojec is pathetically deadly serious in his poisonous name-calling propaganda. Why does he do it? Wikipedia's post on "Name calling" explains why he, Francis and Team Francis apparently use this propaganda technique: "Name calling is a cognitive bias and a technique to promote propaganda. Propagandists use the name-calling technique to invoke fear in those exposed to the propaganda, resulting in the formation of a negative opinion about a person, group, or set of beliefs or ideas." Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Ch

Does New Philly Archbishop Perez agree with Francis that the Church Moral Teachings can "Evolve"?

On October 4, 2019, the Cleveland Diocese website revealed that the newly Francis appointed Archbishop of Philadelphia Nelson Perez apparently believes with Francis that the Church "evolves." Perez's diocese website reported: "The Church grows and evolves over time, the pope wrote in his exhortation. Bishop Perez  said that is what keeps the Church vibration and relevant." (, "Be involved in the Church, bishop tells young people at First Friday Club of Greater Akron, October 4, 2019) In the post Perez appeared to speak against the "values" of "abortion" and "gender identity" as against the "values of the Church." Perez, in using Personalist value language terminology which implies change is possible in speaking of the Church's infallible unchangeable teachings against abortion and homosexuality, appears to be saying it's possible that the Church's moral unchangeable teachings

Has Francis Appointed Philly Archbishop Perez lacked Transparency on Clerical Sex Abuse & Child Porn Cases?

Today, Nelson Jesus Perez was named Archbishop of Philadelphia by Francis to succeed Archbishop Charles J. Chaput . It appears he and his past dioceses have apparently lacked transparency in clerical sex abuse and child pornography cases. Archbishop Perez's episcopal service according to Wikipedia has been the following: "Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre [ edit ] On June 8, 2012, Perez was appointed titular bishop of Catrum and auxiliary bishop of the Rockville Center , New York, by Pope Benedict XVI . [4] He received his episcopal consecration on July 25, 2012." "Bishop of Cleveland [ edit ] On July 11, 2017, Pope Francis appointed him Bishop of Cleveland. [5] [6] He was installed as the 11th Bishop of Cleveland on September 5, 2017." [ ] According to Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. Injury Lawyers, Perez's first diocese as bishop has spend at a minimum of over 1 million dollars and proba

Was Pope Benedict at War with Francis and his Teachers, the Liberal Theorists, & their Ally Islam?

Are all Catholics and all persons who believe in reason and transcendent truths such as Pope Benedict XVI at a war with liberal theorists of whom Francis appears to be a disciple and their ally Islam? English professor Louis Markos in his book Lewis Agonistes  shows that Nominalist liberal theorists of whom Francis is apparently a disciple and Nominalist Islam are at war with reason and analogy in knowing God. Their denial of philosophic Thomistic Analogical Realism which underpins the infallible Catholic doctrines as well as traditional art and literature with transcendent truths which is conveyed in material images reveals that they are Nominalistic Modernists. Markos says liberals of the Enlightenment mind set believed only in materially observable “facts” and denied the existence of “transcendent truths in material images” be it philosophy, art, literature or God. Postmodernist liberals such Michael de Certeau who Francis called the "greatest theologian for today&qu

De Mattei knows "Popes [can] be Deposed... for... Heresy;" Why is he now Silent about it?

One Five publisher Skojec promoted Bishop Athanasius Schneider's claim that popes cannot be deposed for heresy which "puzzled" renowned historian and scholar Roberto de Mattei. The renowned scholar apparently, also, has a different take on what "universal acceptance" means than Bishop Schneider promoter Skojec. It appears to means to the scholar that a heretical pope who (apparently was lawfully elected) could lose the papacy if he is not "accepted by the universal Church." The 1P5 publisher seems to think "universal acceptance" is a "infallible fact" that a claimant for the papacy is definitely a pope even if his pontifical election was unlawful such as if he violated the conclave constitution of the previous pope for a lawful election. De Matteo said he was "puzzled" by Schneider's claim that "popes cannot be deposed... for... heresy" because the bishop held a position contrary to Doctors of th

Might Francis be "Delighted" with the Pervert Founded Legionaries of Christ because of its "$1 Billion" in Assets?

Even the pro-gay Spanish language website admitted that Francis is an enabler of the Legionaries of Christ founded by the incestuous homosexual pedophile Marcial Marciel: "There is very little to re-found in the Legionaries of Christ, since its founder was a pervert and a criminal... The reality is that today, with Bergoglio [Francis], the Legionaries of Christ are commanded by the Mexican Father Eduardo Robles Gil, a character close to the previous [Marciel] dome of the band." (Medium, "Bravo, Bergoglio," May 15, 2016) Francis, who is famous for destroying the traditional faithful order the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, said he was "delighted" with the Legionaries of Christ founded by a gay pervert: "Francis said, 'I am delighted to welcome you new priests of the Legionaries of Christ.'" (Herald Malaysia Online, "Pope greets newly ordained Legionaries of Christ at General Audience," December 15, 2016)

Might Ganswein have Covered-up for the "Financial... [Vatican] Corruption" Revealed by Vigano that "Pushed" Pope Benedict to Resign?

On February 15, 2013, the Daily Mail in the article "Was the Pope pushed? An abuse scandal, corruption and the dark intrigue behind Benedict's shock resignation" reported: "[P]apal aides are promoted to archbishop when an ailing Pope wishes to create an unofficial 'gatekeeper'. But if Benedict knew he was about to quit, why appoint Ganswein to the position?" "The Pope's departure also comes at a time of scrutiny over the Vatican's alleged links to the world of organised crime." Is it possible that Ganswein was installed by the machinations of Vatican operatives of those who were "alleged[ly] link[ed] to the world of organised crime" to be a "gatekeeper" and cover-up corrupt financial matters as well as to "push" him psychologically to resign? Moreover, in January 2013, Inside the Vatican revealed in the piece "The Pope's Trust in Monsignor Ganswein": "It is said in Rome that Ga

Can an Imperfect Council be Convened with only Bishops?

A friend of mine asked me the following question: Fred, can an imperfect council be convened with only bishops? Here is my speculation and reply to him: My guess is yes (bishops can initiate) on the issue of Francis being a manifest heretic which is why the Scholar's Open Letter was addressed to the bishops if I recall correctly. On the Francis conclave it has to be the cardinals because that's what the John Paul ii conclave constitution states. On the Benedict resignation, my guess is yes (bishops can initiate) because unlike the conclave situation a new pope doesn't have to be elected.  But in the heresy and conclave cases if Benedict's resignation is valid then the cardinals will be needed to elect a new pope so it would be obviously important for them to be part of the process. Here is what Canon law and Latin language expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo says: How to remove Bergoglio by Br. Alexis Bugnolo What follows her

Francis Trad Skojec & his Lap Dog vs. Real Canon Law Expert

- Updated January 23, 2020 On January 18, in the Church Militant comment section for the post "Interview With Antonio Socci: ‘We Are Watching the Leaders of the Church Work Against Her’" it appears that one of One Peter Five Steve Skojec's top commenters and lap dogs JohnnyCuredents  attacked "Ann Barnhardt, Fred Martinez, and Rene Gracida." I want to say right now that I am honored to be attacked and listed in the same sentence as Bishop Rene Gracida whom I consider to be the St. Athanasius of the Francis Crisis. I am, also, honored to be attacked in the same sentence as Miss Barnhardt. In my opinion, she is one of the great Catholic bloggers of our time and has more talent and courage in her pinky than Skojec and JohnnyCuredents  have together in both their entire bodies, wills and minds. I am especially in her debt because she was one of the inspirations for one o f the great heroes in the present crisis canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo to jump into