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60 Days that Shook the Church: Top Catholic Scholars: Francis is a Heretic then Top Cardinal: Francis's Amazon Synod is "Heretical" & "Apostasy"

The Catholic Resistance has scored major victories against Francis and his Vatican in the last 60 days that shook the Church. They are losing not just because they have covered-up for sex-abuse predators as well as teach that the sacrilege of Communion for adulterers is morally acceptable and in the recent Amazon Synod promote heresy and apostasy. Most of all they are losing because we are fighting them for God and He will not forsake us. April 30 was the first major victory, 19 top Catholic scholars led by the world renowned theologian Fr. Aidan Nichols declared that "A heretical papacy may not be tolerated": "[T]he world's bishops [must]... admonish the Pope and [he] must publicly reject heresy or face losing the papacy." (, " Father Aidan Nichols Signs Open Letter Charging Pope Francis with Heresy," May 1, 2019), The last remnant of the enablers of Francis and his Vatican who claim to believe in the orthodox infallible

Is the Journalist of the Benedict XVI "Pope is one; is Francis" Interview a Leftist British Operative?

The Italian Massimo Franco who interviewed Benedict XVI with "The Pope is one; [he] is Francis" quote appears to possibly be a leftist British operative of some type who is ambiguous. LifeSiteNews stated the Franco quotations of Benedict were at best ambiguous: "It is unclear from this introductory article if these particular quotations were from the reporter or Benedict XVI himself." (LifeSiteNews, "Benedict XVI asserts Francis is pope in new interview," June 29, 2019) According to Wikipedia, Franco "is [a] member of the [British establishment] International Institute for Strategic Studies" which according to "Transparify... gave it it's lowest rating [for a think tank], 'deceptive' on funding transparency." Wikipedia, also, said Franco "was a Vatican commentator at The [leftist pro-UK British] Guardian" until "2011." Moreover, Wikipedia said according to "Journalist Glenn Greenwald [The G

Does Open Borders equal the "AntiChrist Demonic Parody of the Eucharist"?

Today, John Zmirak wrote "open borders equals abortion... immigration turns [pro-life] red states [into abortion] blue [states]." (Stream, "Open Borders Equals Abortion, June 28, 3019) Does this means that the open borders mania of Francis and the U.S. Bishops could be by the logical consequences of their promoting abortionist politicians be considered Satanic or demonic? Peter Kreeft said: "Abortion is the AntiChrist's demonic parody of the Eucharist. That's why it uses the same holy words, "This is my body," with the blasphemous opposite meaning." Almost on cue, this week Church Militant reported that the man most responsible for the arguments used by Francis and the U.S. Bishops to push for abortionist politicians and open borders was a Satanist. Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who was reportedly a Satanist, was the man who produced the "seamless garment" arguments used by Francis and the U.S. Bishops to promote abortionist

Feser: Francis & U.S. Bishops "Obliged" to answer this Dubia Question "No" or they are in "Heterodoxy"

The greatest American Thomist philosopher Edward Feser on Tuesday wrote: "So, every Catholic is obliged to affirm, on pain of heterodoxy, the following sentence, which for ease of reference I will label" "The Sentence: 'Capital punishment is not always and intrinsically wrong.'" ( spot, "Just say the damn sentence already," June 25, 2019) So, if Francis and the U.S. Bishops cannot answer "No" to the following dubia question then they are in "heterodoxy": Is capital punishment always and intrinsically wrong? Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church

Border Drowning Death Photo taken by La Jornada Correspondent whose Pro-Castro/Maduro Newspaper supports Leftist Oppression

Julia Le Duc, a correspondent for La Jornada according to Wikipedia, took the now famous photo of the border drowning deaths. Most people in the United States don't know her newspaper is a extremist left-wing promoter of leftist oppressive regimes. The pro-Marxist Mexican La Jornada editor Carmen Lira Saade is well-known to have been a promoter of the repressive regime of Dictator Fidel Castro while he was alive. The Mexican newspaper, also, is an unabashed supporter of the Dictator Nicolas Maduro in his oppression and starvation of the Venezuelan people. It seems very hypocritical for the pro-Marxist newspaper which has shown no concern for the numerous deaths brought about by the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes to suddenly be so concerned about the drowning of two people. Also, how much credibility does this leftist newspaper which supports oppressive regimes have? Can anyone trust their narrative? Have any real journalists confirmed that the narrative of the border p

Why is Francis Catholic Media trying to Discredit "Team Francis['s]" Martel "Hit Job" on "their Conservative Enemies"?

It is very amusing to see pro-Francis "conservative" Vatican expert Robert Moynihan in Letter #35 say the "Team Francis, indulged" gay activist Frederic Martel's gay gossip book is very confusing to him and bad because it wants to put pressure on Francis's Team: "[I]t [Martel's book] seems to me part of some larger strategy, for a purpose I did not fully understand, to put pressure to bear on the Holy See." Gay activist Michael Winters on February 22 for a National Catholic Reporter article titled "Martel's Vatican city closet book exposes his motives and mistakes, not truth", also, thought it was bad because it is the "gay equivalent of a Viganò testimonianza." Might it be Moynihan and Winters are terrified that the general public might realize that Francis's Vatican is controlled (and 80 percent gay populated according to Martel) by the Vatican gay lobby as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's testimony revea

Pro-Gay Bannon says close "to 90%" of Francis's Vatican is "Homosexual"

Former President Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon said according to LifeSiteNews that "his own independent sources in the [Francis] Vatican verified... that the vast majority of clergy in the Vatican are homosexual." Bannon said: "I was told it is not 80 percent, it is closer to 90 percent." (LifeSiteNews, "Steve Bannon hints at making film exposing homosexuality in Vatican," June 24, 2019) Bannon and anti-chastity as well as anti-morality Frederic Martel who is a radical gay activist may become allies and are "hinting" at making a homosexual exposé film on the Francis Vatican according to the LifeSiteNews article. It is not unusual for Bannon to ally with homosexuals according to the conservative BuzzFeedNews which says that the former presidential adviser has a "gay agenda": "Steve Bannon isn't out to promote a socially conservative agenda on homosexuality... This makes him an uncertain player in fights over LGBT

Socci: Was Benedict XVI attempting to be Ambiguous about Papal Primacy for Union with the Russian Orthodox Church?

Antonio Socci in "The Secret of Benedict XVI" makes the case that Benedict XVI in his ecumenical dialogues with the Russian Orthodox Church specifically with Russian Orthodox metropolitan Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev was talking about being ambiguous about the primacy of the papacy. Hilarion is quoted in the book: "Ratzinger has made enormous efforts to clarify the question of the primacy of the bishop of Rome, shifting the emphasis from a juridical vision of primacy to understanding [the pope] primarily as a Christian witness of a particular type and as a service to unity in love" (The Secret, page 27) Socci says Benedict's goal is "the opposite pole from the 'rehabilitation' of Martin Luther attempted by Papa Bergoglio [Francis]... 'on the Eucharist and the Liturgy." (The Secret, page 28) Apparently according to Socci while Francis wants some type of union with liberal Protestantism and is willing to sacrifice the "Eucharist an