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Rosary Evangelist

Rosary Evangelist His dark shades below a dropped cap with ponytail- J fits the guise of a war veteran. Then, he smiles-takes off his sunglasses showing his smiling eyes-and you feel at home. Since 1984, J has been involved in a threefold ministry of reaching out to help, bringing God into everyday conversation, and introducing persons to the gospel rosary. His real name is James Wallace, but everyone in the streets and veterans hospital call him J. Veteran Marcia Nagles- outpatient at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital- says,” J make you feel like part of the family.” She was sitting in a hospital corner in 1990 when he said, “You don’t look like your doing well, do you want to talk?” Marcia said, “He shopped, picked things up, walked me home, got me to daily mass and rosary. He made me a better Catholic and I’m a convert. James said “I consider Marcia and many like her to be my family, now.“Nagles connected with him because when she converted to Catholicism in 1964 her family kicked her