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Pray for Trump that the Prophecy of the Hermit of Loreto come True and Pray for Pope Francis's Conversion

It is sad to say, but in terms of policy and actions, President Trump is by a wide margin more pro-life and pro-family than Pope Francis.   (Read or my website for the evidence.) It is just that so many faithful Catholics who love Christ's Church are angry because of the undeniable distorting of Church teachings by Pope Francis and his appointees. We can use that anger to motivate us to pray and trust God, present the truth of Catholicism by our life & words, expose error, ask that the error be corrected, but most of all pray that we love our family and our neighbor. Or we can make our anger the center of the universe not trusting that God is the center of the universe. He is allowing this crisis and is in total control allowing Francis’s free will and our free will in the mix. As a great priest and exorist said: The devil wants our focus to be anything, but God. We love our family, our friends and the Church for the sake of God. If we do thi