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Is Pope Francis a Material Heretic or a Formal Heretic and is he about to "Cease to be Pope" by giving Argentina Letter Official Status?

-Updated December 3 , 2017- Yesterday,'s headline said it all: "Pope's Letter on Argentinian Communion Guidelines for Remarried Given Official Status" The website said the Argentina letter "has now been added to the official acts of the Apostolic See, conferring official status." asked Magisterial authority expert Dr. John Joy about the papal act. The website wrote that "Dr. Joy pointed out that adding the letter to the AAS could... potentially" be "removing the possibility that it could be interpreted in a orthodox way... that the unorthodox intrepretation is the official one." Pope Francis is making it more obvious than ever that he appears to be a material heretic. If Francis or any pope "formally professed heresy," that is he willfully denies or rejects the revealed teachings of the Catholic Church after he is clearly shown that he is teaching heresy, he would automatically &quo

Pope Francis Defeated by Malta Knights

The sovereign state of the Knights of Malta defeated Pope Francis's apparent illegal attempt to interfere in it's internal affairs. The Malta Knights told the Pope that his Vatican commission investigation of their "internal"  affairs was "unacceptable." Vatican expert Robert de Mattei said the Knights were just in defending their sovereignty against a "bogus" external commission. Many view the external commission attempt as an attack on Cardinal Raymond Burke who is the patron of the Knights of Malta. The Pope's inner circle and allies have attempted to vilify Burke and three other Cardinals who issued a dubia letter asking the Pope if he disapproved or approved heretical interpretation of his teachings. If Francis "formally professed heresy" according to expert Catholic canon lawyer Burke, he would "automatically" cease to be Pope as reported by the Catholic World Report on December 19. LifeSite reported, on D

Cdl Burke: "If a Pope would Formally Profess Heresy he would Cease, by that Act, to be Pope. It's Automatic"

On December 19, in an interview with The Catholic World Report, Cardinal Burke said Pope Francis were he to "formally profess heresy" would "cease to be Pope. It's automatic." Burke said only members of the College of Cardinals are competent to declare Pope Francis to be in heresy. If Pope Francis ceased to be Pope because he formally professed heresy and was declared a heretic by the Cardinals then the same discipline or rules that happened when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy would be followed according to Cardinal Burke. The Cardinal, also, said: "I am not saying Pope Francis is in heresy. " However, Burke said there can't be a pastoral situation for the divorced and remarried to receive communion. That pastoral situation "doesn't honor the truth taught by Christ Himself in the Gospel." The Cardinal, moreover, said Pope Francis's Amoris Laetitia is ambiguous to permit "a practice which has never been

Dementia: 2016 Pope Francis made 100 Degree Reversal of 2013 Francis Position on Divorced Communions

Back in July 28, 2013  CNA/EWTN News reported that Pope Francis was against his apparent current position on giving communion to the divorced and remarried. CNA/EWTN wrote: "He criticized the ' gnostic solution' of elite groups of 'enlightened Catholics' who offer a 'higher spirituality.' He said some advocates of ordaining nuns to the priesthood or of giving communion to the divorced and remarried fall into this error."[ ] The Pope at the beginning of his office knew the difference between infallible Catholic doctrine and his personal opinion. Francis appears to possibly be falling into dementia. Besides Francis's current apparent confusion between his opinion, Church teaching and objective facts, might the Pope's many expressions of anger at those who follow the teachings of Pope John Paul II and the 2,000 years teachings of the Cat

Pope Francis "Not Against" Gnostic Pelagian Enneagram of Occult Origin

Pope Francis according Austen Ivereigh, his biographer, "knows the enneagram well and is not against it." The enneagram is a gnostic Pelagian practice of occult origin according to occult and New Age expert Fr. Mitch Pacwa. Pacwa says: " I have two criticisms [of Enneagram]. First, it's theological nonsense, suffused with Gnostic ideas. For instance, the nine points of the Enneagram are called the "nine faces of God," which become nine demons turned upside down. No one should speak that way. . . . And the way the Enneagram is taught is Pelagian -- self-salvation through a man-made technique, not by God's grace. " " Secondly, this is a psychological system that hasn't been tested by professional psychologists. We have no independent evidence that it's true. As a result, Enneagram experts -- who aren't necessarily aware of the occult aspects -- are making up descriptions as they go along. It's irresponsible to

Rosary Saved USA and USSR from Nuclear War, it can Save the Church from the Kasper/Pope Francis Crisis

On EWTN's Fatima series, Fr. Apostoli said that the Rosary and Our Lady saved the world from the Russia's hydrogen bomb rocket, which he said may have been represented in the Third Secret of Fatima as Our Lady stopping the angel from covering the world with flames.   The rosary saved the USA and the USSR from nuclear war, it can save the Church from the Kasper/Pope Francis Crisis. Please pray the rosary and offer your Masses for the Four Cardinals, Pope Francis and most of all for the Church in this crisis. The Soviets, however, did not give up on their plans to take over western countries. Five years later Nikita Krushev visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and boasted that he would bury the United States and the Western world. And to emphasize his point, he took off his shoe and pounded it on top of the table. The West seemed in danger of a Soviet takeover. But Pope John XXIII had read

Does Fr. Blake believe a Editoral Mistake is as "Scandalous" as the Vatican's Gay Orgy & Pro-Abortionist and a Scandal like the Arian Crisis?

-Updated July 14, 2017- it appears made a mistake in reporting "the story about the Pope submitting his five dubia to Cardinal Muller" according to Muller's denial of the report. Unfortunately, Muller has a track record of contradicting what those close to him say he said to them. Reliable Vatican expert and EWTN analyst Edward Pentin reporting on Muller co-worker's puzzlement at his ability to contradict himself wrote: "Another senior official... told him personally... that what the cardinal states in the interview 'is exactly the contradictory of everything which he said to me on the matter until now.'" ("Cardinal Muller's TV Interview Causes Bewilderment," National Catholic Register, January 9, 2017) Truth is important. But, how do you get to the truth by quoting someone quoting a person who has a track record for contradicting what he told his closest co-workers "until now." In my opinion, it

Catholic Prophecy of "Four Cardinals"

Please take the 19th century German stigmatist Helen Wallraff's prophecy and the other prophecies as well as the interpretations of them with a grain of salt. Some who have read the prophecies posted below jump to the conclusion that Pope Francis is a anti-pope. Remember what the great saint and mystic St. John of the Cross said: Revelation and reason are better guides to truth than visions. These prophecies are not infallible Church doctrines such as those that state unrepentant persons in mortal sin can't receive Holy Communion or repentance is required to receive God's mercy. Sadly, these doctrines appear to possibly not be the personal beliefs of the current Pope. It is possible that Francis has "allowed himself to be confused and mislead" by his advisers as the Catholic Encyclopedia said of Pope Honorius who was condemned for teaching heresy by a General Council and two Popes after his death. But, Pope Francis is the Pope for better or worst. U

Dementia Signs: Pope Francis's Comments on Poop Eating and Priests Caressing Children

Pope Francis's comments on poop eating are now infamous. Many are outraged, but I think the proper response is pity. Most people don't realize that poop fixation and poop eating are signs of dementia as well as mental illness. To read more on these signs of metal unfitness and other signs of the Pope having dementia click below: Pope Francis like President Reagan needs to say he will resign his office if he is found mentally unfit. It appears at the very least the Bishops, Cardinals and Catholic media have to ask the Pope to receive a battery of psychological tests.   At worst they need to ask him to resign for his own good to get the care he needs and for the good of the Church. Pitifully, Francis's unbalanced comments continued on December 9 when he spoke of "healthy" priests

In-depth Explanation of Dubia Consequences for Pope Francis including "Removing him from Office"

Author Dr. John R. T. Lamont, Ph. D., a Canadian Catholic philosopher and theologian, in the article "Considerations on the dubia of the four cardinals" for Rorate Caeli explains the Catholic dubia process and the possibility that Pope Francis could be removed from office. He said:   "Some might argue that the dubia and other criticisms of Amoris Laetitia that have been made already suffice as warnings to Pope Francis, and hence that he can now be judged to be guilty of the canonical crime of heresy. These criticisms might be said to make it clear to informed observers that Pope Francis is in fact a heretic rather than simply in error. But for juridical purposes – especially for the very serious purpose of judging a Pope to be a heretic – they do not suffice. The evidence needed for a juridical judgment of such gravity has to take a form that is entirely clear and beyond dispute. A formal warning from a number of members of the College of Cardinals that is then disr