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TFP Founder De Oliveira: "Antichrist is Nazism... Communism"

Does Francis's backing of the Communist Chinese regime against the Chinese underground Church mean he is backing the Antichrist? The great Brazilian scholar and founder of Tradition, Family and Property Plinio Correa de Oliveira thought both Nazism and Communism were the Antichrist. In 1942, in O Legionario he wrote: "We have only one option: Christ the King or Antichrist. And for us, the Antichrist is nazism as much as it is communism." Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Mary.

Will Mike Lewis Bow Down to his Personal Naked Pachamama when he "Prays" for Frank Walker?

Today, on Twitter, Pachamama apologist Where Peter Is Mike Lewis said: "Poor [Canon 212's Frank] Walker... is in serious need of prayer" Does this mean that Lewis is going to his personal naked statue of Pachamama in order to bow down and "pray" for Frank Walker? Does this mean Lewis will get all his Pachamama loving readers at Where Peter Is, which I call Where Pachamama Is, to go in front of their personal naked statues of Pachamama in order to bow down and "pray" for Frank Walker? For once I agree with Pachamama apologist Lewis: "Poor Walker... is in serious need of prayer." If Lewis and all his Pachamama loving readers are going to "pray" for Frank Walker then all faithful Catholics, who are against people like Lewis who promote Communion for adulterers, need to pray in front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in reparation for their promotion of that sacrilegious sin against Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and pray

Why is Where Peter Is spreading Propaganda against De Oliveira?

Recently, the Pachamama apologist website Where Peter Is, which I call Where Pachamama Is, has been implying that the great Catholic Brazilian scholar Plinio Correa de Oliveira was a fascist. The racist National Socialist pro-abortion Nazis as well as the pro-abortion Socialists and Communists are all statist which the scholar unconditionally condemned. The liberal Pachamama apologist website which along with their beloved Francis apparently wants to empower the pro-abortion Democrats and their Socialist collaborators around the globe such as in Argentina who are all statist which are all condemned by the Brazilian. Tradition, Family and Property founder de Oliveira's actual writings show that the liberal statist Pachamama website is a propaganda website which is idealogically closer to Fascism than they want people to know. The Brazilian scholar wrote: "Whoever exaggerates the role of the State will necessarily be a socialist, whatever the mask he tries to cover hi

Why haven't Pachamama Apologist Mike Lewis & Half-Chinese Cdl. Tagle Spoken out Against Communist Repression in Hong Kong?

Why haven't Pachamama and Francis apologist Where Peter Is Mike Lewis and half-Chinese Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle Spoken out against Communist Chinese repression in Hong Kong? Second generation half-Chinese Cardinal Luis Gokim[Chinese surname of grandfather] Tagle according to the National Catholic Register has "close ties with the [Communist] People's Republic of China." (National Catholic Register, "Cardinal Tagle's Appointment points to new Curia, China, Papacy, December 10, 2019) It appears that Tagle has not voiced protests against the Chinese Communist regime's repression in Hong Kong against the freedom protesters. How "close" are Tagle's "ties" with the totalitarian Communist regime? Does extremist environmentalist Lewis who once said the Francis Chinese deal that betrayed the Chinese underground Church was "complicated" have ties to the Communist Chinese regime? Pray an Our Father now for the r

Pachamama Apologist Dave Armstrong once wrote: "Elton John and Melissa Etheridge are Loved"

Francis and Pachamama apologist Dave Armstrong in 2018 wrote: "Elton John and Melissa Etheridge are loved." (, "Homosexual Sex: Dialogue with a Liberal Christian," September 20, 2018) Does this mean Armstrong loves gay activists Elton John and Melissa Etheridge as well as their gay propaganda? Does this mean Armstrong loves that Francis's Peter's Pence used it's funds to promote the Elton John gay propaganda movie? Did I take this one quote out of context of what Armstrong has written overall about gay propaganda or not? Maybe Armstrong will answer the above questions. It appears that Armstrong, also, thinks bowing down to naked images which Francis called "pachamama" is perfectly okay. I dare Armstrong to take a picture of himself bowing down to the naked statue Francis called "pachamama" and post it on his blog since he thinks it's perfectly okay. Does Pachamama apologist Armstrong have the convictio