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Is the Pro-Gay "Asian Francis" Tagle who some say will be Francis II associated with Financial Corruption?

- Updated December 9, 2019 Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is so in line with Francis's liberal agenda that he is called the "Asian Francis" and some are claiming he will be Francis II. The pro-gay Tagle many believe is being groomed by the Francis Vatican to be the next pope. Tagle was given the presidency of the pro-homosexual Caritas International after Francis's closest adviser and "vice pope" Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga stepped down from the office. (, "Cardinal Tagle elected President of Caritas International") Journalist Christine Niles reported that the Philippine Cardinal's organization is pro-gay: "Caritas International... happens to be a member of the governing body of the World Social Forum - a Communist, pro-homosexual group." (Church Militant, August 14, 2017) According to the Catholic News Agency, Tagle "has a close relationship with" a "influential ecclesiastical f

Remnant & Skojec are Wrong in saying Francis is same as Benedict & John Paul II

The Remnant and Steve Skojec are right in saying that the Vatican II's ambiguities which were a forerunner of Amoris Laetitia's ambiguity lead to false ecumenism within the Church and outside. Strangely, the non-traditionalist conservative Matthew Schmitz put it best: "[T]he post-Vatican II settlement [of]... Upholding Catholic teaching on paper but not in reality as led to widespread corruption... a culture of lies... that allowed men like McCarrick to flourish." It allowed the Church of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to keep heretics and homosexual predators in the hierarchy such as McCarrick and others like him to flourish and to promote neo-sacrilegious media productions such as the Assisi fiasco and the kissing of the Koran. This was wrong and God will judge them for their failures to be good fathers (popes) in allowing evil men into God's Church to abuse and to lead many to indifferentism and away from salvation which is only in Jesus throu

1P5's Skojec claims "that a Pope Universally Accepted *IS* Infallibly Certain," but is it Infallible or Certain?

The Catholic Monitor received a second comment from OnePeterFive's publisher Steve Skojec which requires a response. But, again, before I respond to it I want to say I like Steve. In our few correspondences by email he has being a gentleman. I pray for him and his important work. I have recently been a bit worried about him because lately he has started multiplying disparagements for what someone is calling the "Skojec Little Book of Insults." Below is part of the ending of the comment I received from Steve: "So the point I was making -- the point you missed -- is that while I was not claiming that John of St. Thomas's definition of Universal Acceptance was infallible, I *AM* claiming that a pope universally accepted *IS* infallibly certain. The former is the opinion of a very learned theologian with no magisterial authority; the latter is a consensus view of theologians and long understood, if not formally defined, by the Church."  [ http://c